Improve your practice by investing in a new skill set.

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, you’ll eventually reach the point where you’d like to grow your general dentistry practice. As you begin looking into your options, you’ll likely discover that adding a service like straight wire orthodontics to your practice is one of the best ways to help your practice grow. What’s more, this growth can be achieved without adding a new associate (or in addition to adding a new associate). One of the reasons it’s such a powerful method of growth is that you are increasing your production within your existing patient base.

Gaining the knowledge and skill needed to provide orthodontic care to your patients is a big investment. But this investment often provides returns before you’ve even completed the straight wire orthodontics course. Here’s how taking our course can impact your general dentistry practice.

The course allows you to meet increasing market demands and compete against other dental practices.

As patients gain access to more information and become more aware of the oral health benefits of getting orthodontic treatment rather than just the cosmetic benefits, more patients are seeking out the treatment than ever before. In a 2014 survey, the American Association of Orthodontists found that an estimated 27% of all American and Canadian orthodontist patients are adults, so adding the service can benefit your practice even if you don’t treat pediatric patients.

In response to this increased demand, many general dentists have begun adding orthodontics to their practice. In 2002, the Academy of General Dentistry said that only 9% of its members performed minor or complex orthodontic treatments weekly. By 2007, however, about 20% of general dentists offered comprehensive orthodontics. As a result, adding orthodontics to your practice will allow you to meet a demand in your community, help your practice stand out from general dentists who don’t offer orthodontics, and enable you to compete against those who do.

It helps you grow your practice.

When you add orthodontics to your practice, you can grow it regardless of where you live—even without adding an associate. You’ll be able to treat in-house many of the patients you’ve been referring to external orthodontists. Many patients prefer this because they already know and trust you, so you’ll have an immediate stream of potential patients. Offering the service will also attract plenty of new patients who will see you offering orthodontics as a major plus and a sign that you’re an experienced, competent dentist. Since the average orthodontic treatment runs at about $5,000, even adding a few new patients every month will add a significant amount of income for your practice; in fact, you can gain $80,000 in profits in the first two years. You can then use that extra money to add to salaries and invest in buying or maintaining cutting-edge dental technology, which will also serve to draw in new patients.

Adding orthodontic treatments provides an economically stable source of income for your practice.

Since orthodontic treatments provide both cosmetic and oral health benefits and are often necessary for patients’ oral health, they’re always in demand and are usually covered by insurance to some extent. Patients from all income brackets need braces just as much in an economic downturn as they do in a thriving economy, so taking a straight wire orthodontics course to add it to your skill set will provide you with a steady income stream that you can rely on year-round.

What’s special about our course?

Our straight wire orthodontics course involves a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises that will give you real, actionable experience in all aspects of providing orthodontic treatments to your patients. You’ll learn everything from how to incorporate the service in your practice to how to diagnose and treat your patients. The course is designed to allow you to begin treating patients as you’re learning, with class time dedicated to reviewing cases you’re currently treating or that you are considering treating. This allows you to begin making returns on your investment very early on in the process, so you’ll be able to turn around a true profit sooner than you would otherwise.

Throughout the duration of the course, Dr. Williams will be available to provide you with advice on the patients you’re treating. If you’re a member of the American Orthodontic Society, you’ll get an extra 100 credit hours of consultation after the course has finished. Having access to this expert advice helps you get on your feet and quickly become confident in treating patients, potentially giving you a higher rate of success and helping you make fewer mistakes when you first start out.

Why should you choose our course?

Learning orthodontics is an investment, so you want to choose a course that sets you up for success by giving you practical, hands-on experience as well as plenty of support while you establish the service in your practice and gain confidence in your skills. Our straight wire course has worked for dentists across the country, and it can work for you, too. Here’s what a few dentists who have taken the course have to say about it:

“This has been a great experience learning from Dr. Williams. I truly feel that I have added more years of practice longevity by learning orthodontics and straight wire series system. I feel a renewed zest for learning and practice growth. I look forward to continuing my training in orthodontics. Thank you Dr. Williams for the support and encouragement throughout this learning adventure.” – B. Octavio Elizondo, DDS (San Benito, TX)

“As someone who was looking to start treating orthodontic cases in my practice, this course was exactly what I needed. The course was enjoyable and informative with a great blend of information and real clinical cases and examples. Dr. Williams makes himself available throughout the course and after. I’m just finishing the course today and I already have 2 patients in brackets and a few more ready to go. Most importantly I feel well supported by Dr. Williams and my class for my cases going forward. I learned the tools and techniques necessary to identify, diagnose, and treat cases in my offices immediately. I will definitely recommend his course to others. Thank you!” – Amar Pattani, DDS (Glenview, IL)

“I have been fortunate to be a member of the AOS for over 10 years. I have had MANY instructors and find Dr. Williams to be amongst some of the finest. He is organized and experienced and especially if you are NEW to ortho. He gives guidance and instruction that instills confidence to begin treating ortho cases. I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Williams for both starting ortho treatment or continuing your advanced ortho education.” – Susan B. Tiede, DDS (Missoula, MT)

Adding straight wire orthodontics to your practice takes hard work, but our hands-on orthodontics course gives you the knowledge, experience, and support you need to begin growing your confidence and your dental practice immediately. Register today to start your practice on this new, exciting journey!