Premier Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontics Clinical Course (live patient, hands-on)

This course is presented by Bradford R. Williams, D.D.S. at the Hotel Indigo Downtown Tulsa, OK and on location in his office in Skiatook, a Tulsa bedroom community. It is designed for general and pediatric dentists who are looking for a live patient clinicalexperience that immerses the participant in a proven system for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning that will allow them to treat 70 to 80% of the orthodontic cases they encounter in their practices.

Course Description:

The didactic/benchtop exercise portion of this course mirrors Dr. Williams’ Basic Straight Wire curriculum. What sets this 6-session program apart from all others (12 sessions, if monitored the following year, which is encouraged) is the in-clinic, real patient treatment portion. The clinical encounter with live patients creates the environment that gives participants the confidence to start orthodontics in their own practices. The clinical experience will include: making the patient’s records; including clinical photography, study models, panoramic & cephalometric radiographs, diagnosing & treatment planning these patients using the records the class generates, placing the appliances (banding & bracketing teeth), treating these “Premier patients” throughout their clinical course, including placement and removal of archwires as well as finishing cases and placing retainers. All clinicals are performed in Dr. Williams’ state-of-the-art dental office facility (Williams Dental & Orthodontics, in Skiatook, OK, just 15 minutes from the Tulsa International Airport).

The Premiere Comprehensive Clinical Program offers advantages not found in other postgraduate, general practice orthodontic programs:

  • A true, hands-on experience.
  • A real patient treatment encounter in a general clinical setting.
  • On-going support and case consultation with instructors throughout the program. (One year of monitoring privileges upon completion of the program are included).
  • Invaluable source of CE hours at a reasonable cost.
  • Straight Wire manual included – Over 400 pages of the most current concepts in straight wire orthodontics.

The goal of this course is to prepare the student to successfully diagnose and treat Class I and simple Class II malocclusion patients and acquire competence in providing such treatment. At the end of this course, each student should be proficient in this basic orthodontic system. This is a 6-session course. Each session consists of 11/2 days of hands-on, benchtop exercises, videos and lectures as well as 1/2 day devoted to reviewing any current cases you may be having difficulties with and/or any new orthodontic cases you are considering for treatment as well as a review of the patients to be treated by participants in clinic the next day. The third day is spent treating patients in clinic. Dr. Williams is assisted by several Oklahoma licensed, orthodontically experienced dentists and assistants who supervise and aid participants as they treat orthodontic patients during the clinical day each session. Dr. Williams is dedicated to supporting his students and is always available to answer concerns by phone text and email.

Orthodontics is an ongoing learning process, and Dr. Williams also offers continuing classes to further your education beyond basic orthodontics.

Course Objectives:

  • Teach What to Treat and What Not to Treat
  • Teach the Straight Wire Orthodontic Appliance System & How to Band and Bracket Teeth
  • Teach Basic Cephalometric Analysis, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Teach Necessary Diagnostic Records for Orthodontic Standard of Care
  • Teach Practical Methods of Incorporating Orthodontics into Your Practice

Course Fee:

The Premier Straight-Wire Orthodontics course is $11,998 per doctor/student and includes 144 CE credit hours for full participation. Register with a 50% deposit. Balance will be due prior to the start of the first session. Refund policy- full refund up to four weeks prior to course start date, minus a 5% cancellation fee of full course fee. If payment is made in full by June 1, 2021, a 5% courtesy will apply.

During the following year, 144 CE credit hours of monitoring, if fully attended, will be included at no additional cost.

A list of instruments students MUST purchase to perform the hands-on exercises will be provided upon registration confirmation. These instruments are standard orthodontic tools to be used in your clinical practice following the course.

Out-of-State Applicants A doctor with no Oklahoma State Dental License will need to apply through Williams GP Orthodontics for a Temporary Volunteer State of Oklahoma Dental License. Registration deadline for an out-of-state doctor is June 18, 2021. A letter of good standing from the doctor’s state board will also be required.Contact Williams GP Orthodontics for more information.

Course Dates:

  • July 22-24, 2021
  • Sept. 16-18, 2021
  • Nov 18-20, 2021
  • Jan 27-29, 2022
  • March 24-26, 2022
  • May 12-14, 2022

Course Check-in:

Thursday – 7:30 am

Course Days:

Thursday – Saturday 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

SCHEDULE: Each Weekend’s Format

Classes will meet one weekend approximately every two months for a total of 6 sessions. You may monitor the following year at no charge for another six sessions for a total of 12 sessions!

  • Thursdays:  Cephalometrics and Diagnosis
  • Friday Mornings:  Orthodontic Exercises on Typodonts
  • Friday Afternoons:  Case Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Clinic Preparatory
  • Saturdays:  Hands–on Clinical Treatment of Actual Orthodontic Patients

In addition to treating patients, participants will develop a digital library of each hands-on patient using intraoral photographs made during clinicals and present these cases in class during Friday afternoon sessions. This allows them to see the progress and plan future treatment procedures as a class. Time will also be used to review, as a class, any participating dentist’s patient cases for questions concerning diagnosis and treatment planning as well as ongoing treatment. It should be noted that a participant could treat their “Premier patients” from start to finish in the 2-year program if they fully participate. An extraordinary opportunity!

Program Location
Thursdays and Fridays will be held at:

Hotel Indigo Tulsa Downtown
121 S Elgin Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120

Block room rates are available until 4 weeks before the start of each session. Contact Hotel Indigo for reservations.

Saturdays will be held at

Williams Dental & Orthodontics
Skiatook, OK

For your convenience, a complimentary shuttle will be provided to and from the hotel and office.

Class Size
Due to the true hands-on nature of this program, attendance will be limited to twelve (12) first year student doctors.

Monitoring Policy
A doctor may monitor both the didactic and the clinical portion of the program at NO CHARGE the immediate, following year. CE Hours apply to the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) and the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) Tier Advancement as well as the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).

Upon conclusion of the 12-Session Comprehensive Clinical Orthodontic Program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attain knowledge & understanding of the Straight Wire Orthodontic Technique
  • Identify the malocclusion classification of the patient
  • Diagnose and develop a treatment plan for each individual case
  • Acquire an understanding of the variables affecting treatment & treatment outcome
  • Comprehensively follow a patient through treatment.
  • Gain proficiency in treating orthodontic malocclusions seen in your practice.

Our Goals for what you will learn and experience:

  • How to perform the In-Office Orthodontic Exam
  • How to take the “Standard of Care” orthodontic records in the office
  • Cephalometrics & Orthodontic diagnosis
  • Predictable orthodontic treatment planning
  • How to attain a high level of case acceptance with orthodontics
  • The financial side of orthodontics
  • The Straight Wire Orthodontic System
  • Hands-on exercises on typodonts
  • Treatment of actual orthodontic patients in a general practice setting
  • How to truly incorporate orthodontics into your office immediately
  • How to add a new, reliable, income stream to your practice
  • How to create an “exit strategy” from general or pediatric practice that allows you to “stay in the game” longer, continuing to enjoy practicing with less physical strain in later years

The study material for this course was peer-reviewed April 2019 to ensure that all clinical and technical information include a scientific basis for program content as well as an assessment of the benefits and risks associated with that content in order to promote public safety.

Neither Dr. Williams nor members of his immediate family have any financial relationships relevant to this presentation to disclose.

Session 1

Introduction to Straight Wire Orthodontics



  • State of Oklahoma Dental Jurisprudence
  • The Practical Benefits of Incorporating Orthodontics into Your Practice
  • An Overview of This Course in Basic Orthodontics
  • Examples of Cases You Will Be Treating after This Course
  • Cephalometrics—Landmarks, Definitions, and Diagnosis
  • The Intro Cephalometric Analysis
  • Understanding the Straight Wire Orthodontic Appliance System
  • Understanding the Tip and Torque in the Straight Wire Bracket
  • Necessary Records for the Orthodontic Standard of Care
  • How to Band and Bracket Teeth
  • Diagnosing and Treatment Planning Your Cases


  • Placing Separators


  1. Bracketing Anatomical Teeth—Learning the Effect of Bracket Positioning on the Teeth
  2. Banding & Bracketing the Clear Typodont—Learning Correct Bracketing Positions

Session 2

Phase I—Early Treatment



  • Understanding the Rationale of the Straight Wire Series in Phase I or Interceptive Treatment
  • The Pre-Fabricated Utility Archwire System
  • Correcting Crossbites with the Nitanium Palatal Expander
  • The Fixed Removable Lingual Arch & Its Role in Phase I Retention
  • Bending Customized Utility Archwires in Phase I Treatment
  • Basic Cephalometrics
  • Basic Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  • Diagnosing & Treatment Planning Your Cases


  1. Palatal Expansion Using the Nitanium Palatal Expander (NPE)
  2. Utility Arch Wire for Mixed Dentition—Pre-Fabricated
  3. Utility Arch Wire for the Mixed Dentition—Bend Your Own
  4. Fixed Removable Lingual Arch (FRLA)

Session 3

Phase II—Comprehensive Treatment



  • Understanding the Rationale of the Straight Wire Series in Phase II or Comprehensive Treatment
  • Treatment Mechanics & Coordinated Arch Development
  • How to Open Bites and Keep Them Open
  • More Basic Cephalometrics & Sim Model Analysis
  • The Straight Wire Series for Class I Malocclusion
  • Stainless Steel and Nitinol Arc Wires: What to Use and When
  • Leveling, Aligning, and Correcting Rotated Teeth in the Dental Arches
  • First, Second, and Third Order Bends in the Arch Wire
  • Diagnosing and Treatment Planning Your Cases


  1.  .012 & .014 Nitinol Arch Wires—First Arch Wires in Phase II
  2.  .018 Nitinol Arch Wire with Figure 8 Ties
  3.  .020 Stainless Steel with Open Coil Spring, Accentuated Curve (AC) & Reverse Curve (RC), Step-In & Step-Out Bends
  4.  .016 x .022 Nitinol Arch Wires
  5.  .016 x .022 Stainless Steel Arch Wires with Power Chain (PC), AC/RC, Buccal Root Torque (BRT) & Individual Root Torque (IRT)

Session 4

Phase II—Comprehensive Treatment (Cont.)


  • Reviewing Phase I Sagittal and Transverse Appliances
  • Treatment Planning in More Detail
  • The Straight Wire Series for Class II Malocclusions
  • Multi Distalizing Arch Appliance (MDA)
  • The CD Distalizer, The EZ Distalizer & Other Distalization Appliances


  1. MDA—Placing the Multi Distalizing Arch Appliance: Stainless Steel

Session 5

Phase II – Comprehensive Treatment (Cont.)



  • Closing Spaces and Retraction Mechanics
  • More Basic Cephalometrics & Sim Analysis
  • Diagnosing & Treatment Planning Your Cases


  1. Post MDA—.016 x .022 Nitinol—Recovering the U5s
  2. Post MDA—.016 x .022 SS: Retracting the Pre-Molars & Retracting the Canines
  3. Post MDA—.018 x .025 SS: Posts or Crimpable Hooks, Retracting the Anteriors

Session 6

Finishing The Case



  • Review of Class I & Class II Treatment Mechanics
  • Various Sagittal & Transverse Appliances
  • Case Finishing Techniques
  • Elastic Strategies
  • Retention: What to Use and When
  • Clear Aligner Therapy & Its Indications
  • More Basic Cephalometrics
  • Diagnosing & Treatment Planning Your Cases
  • General Review


  1. Elastic Strategies
  2. .018 x .025 SS Sectionals & Cross Arch Elastics
  3. Retention with Bond-A-Braid

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