See what our students are saying about Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars.

After taking several other orthodontic courses, I found Dr. Williams’ course to be exemplary at demystifying orthodontics and giving me the confidence I needed to implement orthodontics into my every day practice. He is very helpful and supportive in answering case specific questions. I look forward to continuing my orthodontic practice in his Intermediate level course!

Anne Ziegler, DDS
Missoula, MT

Excellent teaching method. I loved this course because Dr. Williams eased into the subject. I also appreciate the attention that is paid to standard of care. I will never look at the mouth the same way. Thank you Dr. Williams. 

Amit Pandya, DDS
New Hyde Park, NY

This is my second ortho course and I really appreciate the hands on portion of the class. The course has given me more confidence in the actual implementation of orthodontics into my practice.

Enoth Kim, DDS
Porterville, CA

Excellent course to get you started with orthodontics treatment for your patients. Easy to follow guide to treat easy cases with minimum complications. I love to have the resource of sharing cases with class mates and the professor for their feedback during every session.

Mariam Mesa, DMD
Miami, FL

I have been fortunate to be a member of the AOS for over 10 years. I have taken MANY instructors and find Dr. Williams to be amongst some of the finest. He is organized and experienced and especially if you are NEW to ortho. He gives guidance and instruction that instills confidence to begin treating ortho cases. I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Williams for both starting ortho treatment or continuing your advanced ortho education.

Susan B. Tiede, DDS
Missoula, MT

Dr. Williams’ Straight Wire Orthodontics Basic Course has given me the confidence to add orthodontics to my general practice. After years and several hours taken with other programs I was never able to implement orthodontics and transfer my book knowledge to the chair. I’m excited to say that has changed and since starting Dr. Brad Williams’ course I have started two cases.

Winona Moczygemba, DDS
Pharr, TX

I highly recommend anyone interested in learning orthodontics to become a member of the AOS and start by taking Dr. Brad Williams beginner orthodontic course. The course has given me a great foundation to start doing orthodontics in my pediatric dental practice. He is a wonderful instructor, teacher and extremely encouraging. I can’t thank him, Teresa, and Susan enough for being a great mentor to me on my new journey of learning and practicing orthodontics.

Julius Park, DMD
Woodstock, GA

This has been a great experience learning from Dr. Williams. I truly feel that I have added more years of practice longevity by learning orthodontics and straight wire series system. I feel a renewed zest for learning and practice growth. I look forward to continuing my training in orthodontics. Thank you Dr. Williams for the support and encouragement throughout this learning adventure.

B. Octavio Elizondo, DDS
San Benito, TX

Dr. Williams is an eternal lover of orthodontics who has the virtue of knowing how to transmit his experiences and knowledge to the others making us begin to love this specialty. A privilege to be part of your team. Thank you very much.

Sarahy Pardo Menendez, DDS
Nassau, Bahamas

As someone who was looking to start treating orthodontic cases in my practice, this course was exactly what I needed. The course was enjoyable and very informative with a great blend of information and real clinical cases and examples. Dr. Williams makes himself available throughout the course and after. I’m just finishing the course today and already have 2 patients in brackets and a few more ready to go. Most importantly I feel well supported by Dr. Williams and my class for my cases going forward. I learned the tools and techniques necessary to identify, diagnose and treat cases in my offices immediately. I will definitely recommend his course to others. Thank you!

Amar Pattani, DDS
Glenview, IL

The knowledge I gained from Dr. Williams’ Straight Wire Series course is invaluable. The class was laid back and small enough to where I never felt intimidated to ask questions. Dr. Williams taught the course in such a way that my intimidation of orthodontics is gone. I am so glad that I decided to take this course!

Carol White, DDS
Conroe, TX

Excellent course. Well thought out, well organized. If any dentist took this course and followed what you say, they will be successful with ortho.

Dave Houghton, DDS
Clearwater, FL

It has been a privilege to learn from Dr. Williams. His kind manner, sense of humor, and encyclopedic knowledge of all facets of general practice orthodontics (past, present, and future!) are a huge benefit. I know that I can rely on him as a colleague and a resource as I continue in orthodontics and expand my practice.

Sarah Olim, DDS
Houston, TX

Dr. Williams has vast knowledge and experience in orthodontics from a GP perspective. Dr. Williams is very approachable, accommodating, and makes learning and participation easy. I would strongly encourage any GP considering incorporating ortho into their practice to start with Dr. Williams’ Basic and Intermediate seminars.

Jacques R. Williams, DDS
Douglasville, GA

I have taken multiple orthodontic courses but did not have the confidence to jump into a case until I took Dr. Williams’ course. He gave me the confidence to start orthodontics in my general practice and he is always there to answer any questions you may have, even outside of class.

Pariksha Gunnala, DDS
Grapevine, TX

What a great course! You can tell that Dr. Brad really, really enjoys teaching the material and explaining things in a FRIENDLY and CASUAL manner. He has also assembled a great team to help you truly incorporate orthodontics into your practice.

Chester J. Tyson IV, DDS
Wilmington, NC

Dr. Williams is a very dedicated instructor that wants you to not only learn but to make sure you implement what you learn. I appreciate an instructor that offers to help you with your cases if you email him. Thanks!

Jamie Cameron, DDS
Carnegie, OK

Dr. Brad has a library of knowledge that he energetically showcases during all of his lectures. He teaches in a very efficient, organized and detailed manner throughout the course.

Zachary Dixon, DDS
Morrilton, AR

Dr. Williams takes the basic foundation and builds on it in a way that allows the general practitioner to manage the nuances of difficult cases. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their orthodontic case load.

Greg A. Wilson, DDS
Selmer, TN

Dr. Williams does a phenomenal job of transferring his years of clinical experience into practical, useful information that I can immediately put into practice. He not only has made my orthodontics more efficient but has helped me realize those attractive finished cases I have been striving to achieve.

Karla T. Baltz, DDS
Pocahontas, AR

I’ve learned many new tips and tricks for ortho in Dr. Brad’s Intermediate class. If you want to see a way to “McGyver” cases, this is the class for you!

Carol Jones-Crall, DDS
Kansas City, KS

It was an absolute pleasure taking the Basic ortho class with Dr. Williams. He has a great personality and is an outstanding instructor. Dr. Williams has a wealth of experience in successfully treating orthodontic cases with great outcomes and teaches you all the little tricks and techniques to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Williams’ course is probably one of the best if not the best course out there for general dentists to learn techniques to successfully treat orthodontic cases in a general practice setting.

Hooman Lohrasbi, DDS
Garland, TX

Dr. Brad’s advanced course has taken my orthodontics to the next level. Without the information provided in this course I would not have started 40 new cases last year. Orthodontics has made a positive impact on my startup practice, as well as helping to relieve my chronic neck pain. I really do not know what I would do without orthodontics in my practice. Bottom line, we would be less profitable and I would be in more pain at the end of the day. Thanks Dr. Brad!

Coty Shores, DDS
Duncan, OK

Dr. Williams has a unique and amazing gift for providing clinical orthodontic clarity and insight to doctors, helping them in the incorporation of orthodontics into ones practice is not only possible, but can be profitable and highly rewarding if implemented and managed correctly. His personalized manner and excellent teaching style provided me additional training and clinical skills to completely unlock the door to allowing my pediatric dental practice to synergistically operate alongside my growning orthodontic practice.

Roy Rogers, DDS
Boise, ID

The best thing about learning orthodontics in Dr. Williams’ classes is that he uses a system that I was able to employ in my General Dentistry practice right away. Dr. Williams is also a great mentor. I was able to proceed with orthodontics in my practice knowing that guidance is only an email away.

Saskia Vaughan, DDS
Mineral Wells, TX

I didn’t have any orthodontic training in school. After Dr. Williams’ courses I now feel confident in incorporating comprehensive orthodontics as part of my general practice. I now enjoy orthodontics and will continue to practice it in the future.

David Villarreal, DDS
Pleasanton, TX

I have been a provider of adult ortho for many years using clear aligners and different bracket systems. Never felt more comfortable starting comprehensive other ever before Williams GP Ortho seminars. Thank you to the whole team dedicated to making us successful at ortho as GPs.

Aziza Askari, DMD, MBA, MAGD
Farmington Hills, MI

Good course for someone starting in orthodontics. Dr. Williams does a good job of keeping information very practical and easy to implement. The course also includes all tools you need to get started in ortho.

Sahegin Chanolia, DDS
Houston, TX

I have enjoyed working on cases with Dr. Brad. He is very knowledgeable, and I have learned a lot from him. I would highly recommend taking his courses if you want to learn ortho.

Lena Craig, DDS
Ada, OK

Brad Williams’ course broke the stigma that is associated with general dentist performing orthodontic treatment. Not only did I learn to acceptably treat patients in ortho, I gained confidence from the course to know all dentists should do ortho because it’s a great way to have a more complete comprehensive dental practice.

Travis Hanel, DDS
Warren, MN

This was a fantastic start to fixed wire orthodontics. Dr. Williams takes real world experience and cases to a comprehensive course that is easy to follow. After this course I am ready and able to treat many basic cases in my practice!

David McMullan, DDS
Dallas, TX

Dr. Brad Williams is a welcoming and engaging speaker that creates a relaxed learning environment. This course allows you to immediately implement safe orthodontics in your practice. The presented diagnostic tools and simplistic guidelines allowed me safe parameters to apply to cookbook treatment plans with confidence. I appreciated the support and mentorship built into the program to guide a dentist through an orthodontic case, including lab, materials and staff training.

Jennifer Chambers, DDS
Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Brad was absolutely phenomenal! We was very different from others in the sense that he sincerely wants dentist to do orthodontics and extends his knowledge as well and simple as possible. He reaches out to everyone, whether or not they have had any previous experience. His course was certainly a benefit to my practice and my patients!

Nehal Ali, DDS
Westland, MI

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is contemplating introducing orthodontics into their practice. It is very informative in a relaxed atmosphere. Kudos to Dr. Williams and all of those behind-the-scene.

Alina Peters, DDS
Beaufort, NC

I would highly recommend Dr. Williams’ courses to any general dentist interested in implementing comprehensive orthodontics into their practice. His basic and intermediate courses have provided me with a systematic approach to diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment whis has enabled me to keep 80-85% of the orthodontic cases in my practice. Above all, Dr. Williams is very friendly and approachable. He is a great resource in helping me with my individual cases!

Jane Lilly, DDS
Sioux City, IA

A well-organized course that has a lot of pictures and pertinent hands-on. Definitely can get you to the point where you can do 70% of the ortho that walks in your door!

Gilbert Mendez, DDS
Arlington Heights, IL

Dr. Williams’ course allowed me to lose my fear on starting my ortho cases. After several years of parents asking me for “braces” and during taking this course I finally jumped in and started and I couldn’t be happier. The hands-on exercises, theory and ortho financial guidance for your practice make this course unique and worth taking. I highly recommend and I’ve definitely decided to take the Intermediate course.

Diana Carolina Sanchez, DDS
Houston TX

This is a great introductory course to comprehensive orthodontics. Dr. Brad is a very knowledgeable instructor who has been doing ortho for many years. He is very willing to answer questions and help out with your cases even after the class is over, which is an invaluable tool.

Phuong Nuyen, DDS
Sioux City, IA

This is a wonderful course! Practical information that you can take back and actually use. Dr. Williams is great at reviewing what was taught in a previous session, so the material is not overwhelming. It is also a great way to meet other dentists in a non-competitive environment. I came into this class not knowing if I even wanted to do orthodontics. Now I am loving it!

Jaime Abbott, DDS
Lake Orion, MI

Dr. Brad has certainly been blessed with the gift of teaching. He tied many various orthodontic principles together for us in a very logical systematic course. Thanks!

Benny Edwards, DDS
Ada, OK

Dr. Brad’s course provided great introductory information that will allow me to recognize simple orthodontic issues that will aid in the treatment of my patients in my community.

Adam Kruger, DDS
Oelwein, IA

This course was extremely didactic and helpful. I had a blast meeting Dr. Williams. He is so knowledgeful and treats you with all respect in the world. Can’t wait to start treating patients in my practice. Thank you!

Luciana Ravazzi, DDS
Miami, FL

Dr. Williams is an exceptional teacher. His goal is to ensure that you learn “how to do” basic orthodontics and his practical exercises on the typodont give you these needed skills to get started. His course manual is excellent, and you could learn basic orthodontics just studying his manual!

Mark A. Padolsky, DDS
Atlanta, GA

Since deciding to incorporate orthodontics in my office fifteen years ago, I have taken many (hundreds) of hours of orthodontic training. Dr. Williams’ course is hands down the most well-rounded. He covers all the points needed to be successful as a GP provider. I am looking forward to his next set of courses.

Christopher King, DDS
VA Beach, VA

It is clear from taking this course, that Dr Williams cares deeply about equipping the general dentist with the knowledge and confidence to practice orthodontics in a practical clinical way.

Mark A. New
Waco, TX

This course is informative and through. I feel comfortable and prepared to start uncomplicated orthodontic cases. Dr. Williams is very supportive and it is clear that he cares about the education and success of his students.

Joel Skousen, DDS
Allen, TX

I truly enjoyed my time doing the orthodontic seminars with Dr. Brad Williams. He’s very passionate about what he does, and it shows. I’ve learned a lot in these few months about orthodontics and I’m looking forward to implementing this new acquired knowledge to my everyday practice.

Paola Brown, DDS
Houston, TX

Great Class! It totally fills in the “GAPS” left over from the other ortho classes I’ve taken. I enjoy your style of teaching. If I missed something, your review of material catches me up, it soothes my OCD tendencies. I plan on continuing my training with your classes. Thanks!

Gloria Yanez, DDS, MS
Austin, TX

Thanks so much for offering your orthodontic courses to us general practitioners. I’ve always known I wanted to practice orthodontics. Being able to do so along with general dentistry is so advantageous in many ways and is also very personally fulfilling. Your Introduction to Basic Orthodontic course was such a great place to start the orthodontic practice journey. The Intermediate course has helped with understanding and implementation of advanced techniques to further broaden our capabilities and confidence. I fee inspired and motivated to take on more complex orthodontic cases at my practice. Thanks again, Dr. Williams and the AOS for putting together these excellent courses.

Brian Davila, DDS
Sachse, TX

Dr Williams’ enthusiasm for teaching is tremendous! He presents a clear systematic approach to orthodontics. Evan as a 15-year orthodontic provider, I have learned techniques that will “up my game”. Thanks Dr. Williams!

Kyle McCrea, DDS
Richmond, TX

Teresa & McKenzie did such a wonderful job. They made the class fun and interactive. They related back to personal experience. It was great listening to them. Thank you ladies!

Noelle Cochran
New Richmond, WI

This course was a great learning experience. Lots of helpful tips and material. Very clear presentation and friendly presenters. Our all team had a great time navigating ortho from step one to the end. Thank you!

Lucie Mikolaskova
Coon Rapids, MI

Thank you very much for offering this class. It was very helpful to learn a little bit more about ortho. I fee more comfortable going into the office and fee more confident with answering questions about orthodontics.

Cheyenne Bates
Prineville, OR

Loved being in this class! Teresa & McKenzie were awesome mentors and educators! I had a lot of questions, and all were fully answered! I can’t say enough of how great this class was. I feel like I can take so much back to my office. Thanks You!!

Jessi J. Preheim
Parker/Tea, SD

This class has helped me understand the benefits of filing dental insurance correctly for ortho treatment.

Felicia Palmer
New Orleans, LA

I want to first point out that this is my first training and I have been in the dental field for 4 years. It cleared up so much and answered everything with ortho. I can’t want to share this with my co-workers. I can’t wait for the next gathering. Thank you for the extra resource that you have shared.

Lou Ann Pfeiff
Hereford, TX

Dr. Williams took orthodontic principles that are often made complex and difficult in school and made them straight forward and easy to understand. I felt entirely comfortable starting basic orthodontic cases after his 5-part series.

Tim Morschauser, DDS
Random Lake, WI

Thank you, Dr. Williams, for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning and practicing orthodontics. I am grateful to the AOS and instructors like you for taking the time to teach these type of CE courses.

Denisse Lasanta, DMD
Lutz, FL

Dr. Williams has designed courses that make understanding orthodontics much easier than was explained in dental school. He breaks down clinical orthodontic diagnosis and treatment into an easy to understand process. His course manual is very thorough and supports his low key yet entertaining way of teaching that really maximizes the opportunity for his students to learn and digest the material. He moves methodically through diagnosis of growth & development problems then treatment planning which enables students to treat 70% of the cases typically seen in practice. This has helped me better serve my patients, many for whom early treatment helps to avoid larger and more costly treatment.

Jessica Meeske, DDS
Hastings, NE

“Fortune Befriends the Bold”  – Emily Dickenson

I have been practicing general dentistry for over 25 years and have always wanted to implement comprehensive orthodontic treatment into my practice, but I did not feel confident with Cephalometric landmarks and measurement, childhood growth patterns, etc. It is easy to say “you go ahead; I’ve got your back.”

“…it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail”. – Abraham Maslow

Limiting to cases of clear aligners, fast ones, slow ones, progressive ones, Frustrated and limited, essentially a robot. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone who already tried most systems out there for over thirty years, with actionable experience in; Begg, Tweed, Straight Wire, etc., made the mistakes, learned from them, put this knowledge together with humbleness, with no agenda to sell brackets or wires, and materials, and presented it to you in a comprehensive course?

Williams GP Orthodontic seminars through the American Orthodontic Society (non-profit organization), gave me this and more, including multi-specialty approach and attendees.

“Be as you wish to seem” – Socrates

In these seminars, you learn to focus on patient’s chief complaints—not with some limited knowledge you have, but with a comprehensive approach as it should be. Access to dental school text book references, actual cases done with time lines, treatment plan options written and ready to be used, cost estimates for case treatments, front and back staff training and education leadership, consent forms samples, insurance billing guidelines, effective marketing pearls of wisdom, and last but not least, resources such as peer reviewed journal to make a constant impact on your knowledge & know-how; and for me, a path to a successful road to retirement. Big sisters and big brothers along with Dr. Williams are there to answer all your questions throughout the seminars (5Weekend seminars in the off-season time), help you through your cases at no additional costs, and guide you to get your board eligible and diplomate certification and more.

“The most lucrative asset is experience”, and for the price of one easy ortho case, I got all this and more.

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

In Williams GP Orthodontic seminars through American Orthodontic Society, they make it happen.

Dr. Michael K. – General Dentist, Florida
Practicing for over 25 years

Dr. Williams is an amazing teacher, soft-spoken, never threatening, doesn’t throw “rocks” (like he always jokes). Love that he shares all his experiences both good and bad making us feel like we are all human to mess up sometimes. Enjoyed the classes, the interactions, and the exercises. Grateful for Dr. Williams who spared his time to share his knowledge and experiences to help us learn and do more. Also for his time spent to answer emails and phone calls. Never had any teacher care so much. Thank you so much for the amazing teacher you are!

Ramya Chigurupati
Grand Prairie, TX

Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics is the best comprehensive course out there for general and pediatric dentists. The course is very well-organized, and put together to make anyone feel comfortable to start doing ortho on their own. They let you monitor the whole course one more time in case you missed anything the first time. It gave me confidence to start my cases. Thank you, Dr. Williams!

Durga Devarakonda
Carrollton, TX

Great speaker, great teacher, great communicator. Explains the diagnosis clearly with good examples.Highly recommended course for pediatric dentists and general dentists. Dr. Williams will give you the tools to service your patients in the correct and effective way.

Elsa Echeverri
Houston, TX

Dr. Williams is such a charismatic instructor and no question is too basic for him. I highly recommend this course to anyone that has no experience with orthodontics. You will walk away with a much greater understanding than what you were taught in dental school.

Caleb R. Smith
Antlers, OK

Excellent course! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in starting orthodontics in their practice.

Matt Husman
Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Williams is very knowledgeable, lovely, and encouraging. What I have learned in this course I will be able to apply in my practice. I have received my certificate and I would like to thank you for your support.

Kareena Peranah
Allen, TX

Dr. Williams has a straight-forward way of teaching that simplifies orthodontics for dentists that are beginning their orthodontic education. I am one of those people. I feel confident in cephalometrics, identifying patients that are within my skill level to treat, and identifying cases that I should refer out. I am very glad I started my orthodontic journey with Dr. Williams.

Ben Reimer
Omaha, NE

The class was very informative especially knowing how to read ortho treatment plans and billing them out the right way. We all know that insurance billing is difficult so learning how and what to submit right the first time makes life easier. Also learning how to present tx to get better case acceptance was great.

Chyna Lony
Omaha, NE

This course was an incredible experience. The course was comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics related to ortho management. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field, and they presented the information in a clear and concise manner. They were also very supportive and willing to answer any question or concerns throughout the course. Overall, I really appreciated this course! The practical information. And highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

Robyn S. Bowles
Helen, MT

Thank you for showing us the intricacies of insurance coding and filing. Your case presentation templates are awesome! Learned a lot today!!

Kishore Peranao
McKinney, TX