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Orthodontic Smiles Podcast

We invite you to listen to the Orthodontic Smiles Podcast. This Podcast is designed for all dentists and their teams that practice orthodontics. Episodes will include interviews with practitioners, educators and practice management gurus from all over the world.

“If you can fill a tooth, you can straighten teeth, and I can teach you how!” – Dr. Brad Williams

The godfather of orthodontics, William R. Proffit, Univ. of NC W.R. Kenan Distinguished Professor recipient and orthodontic professor emeritus, authored the textbook, Contemporary Orthodontics, considered by many to be the definitive text for pre- and post-doctoral orthodontic students, wrote in this book the following statement:

“In orthodontics as in all areas of dentistry, it makes sense that the less complex cases would be selected for treatment in general or family practice, while the more complex cases would be referred to a specialist.” — William R. Proffit, DDS, MS

So, in light of this statement, just when and where are you, the GP or Pediatric dentist going to get the diagnostic knowledge to decide which patients you will treat and which patients you will refer? And where are you GP’s & Pedo’s going to get the skills to treat the patients that should be receiving the “less complex” orthodontic services Dr. Proffit is referencing in this textbook?

Do you realize that just three to five orthodontic case starts per month could increase the bottom line in your practice by $150,000 to $300,000 per year? Even more important, adding orthodontics to your dental practice allows you to satisfy prospective and existing patients’ needs and makes your practice more competitive.

Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars offers year-round programs on Basic and Intermediate Comprehensive Straight Wire orthodontics for you and your entire staff that include continual long-term support. Dr. Brad Williams brings a level of general practice clinical experience to the classroom that resonates with any practicing general and pediatric dentist. His casual and approachable teaching style makes orthodontics easy to understand and implement into your practice.

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Dr. Bradford R. Williams, D.D.S. has been practicing general dentistry for 37 years and general practice orthodontics for 36 years. Dr. Williams’ Basic and Intermediate Comprehensive courses will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and continued support to fully integrate Straight Wire orthodontics into your general practice. All classes include hands-on exercises and time to review your current cases in treatment.


Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars give you the skills, experience, and confidence you need to incorporate orthodontics into your practice. Dr. Bradford Williams has a remarkably rich background in orthodontics and is a very clear communicator. Our orthodontic seminars are dental CE courses dedicated to your continued financial success.


The orthodontic assistant course will prepare the students to assist doctors who are incorporating orthodontics into their general practice, empowering them to be able to stay “one-step-ahead”, anticipating the doctors’ and patients’ needs, resulting in optimum time management and patient care. This course is lead by Dr. Brad’s Orthodontic Course Assistant, Susan Coffey, RDA. Upon completion of the course, students will be familiar with basic chairside skills and understand basic orthodontic procedures and terminology.


Exclusive to Dr. Brad’s students is the opportunity to enroll their front office team in a one-day course that teaches students how to integrate orthodontics into their practice with strong emphasis on protecting the doctor and the practice legally. Lead by Dr. Brad’s office managers, Teresa Berry Williams, BA, FAADOM and McKenzie Berry, BA, FAADOM, your team will learn how to correctly code orthodontic cases, set office fees, present orthodontic treatment plans, and file insurance. This course is offered during the last session of Dr. Brad’s comprehensive courses along with the assistant course.

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What our students are saying about Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars

It has been a privilege to learn from Dr. Williams. His kind manner, sense of humor, and encyclopedic knowledge of all facets of general practice orthodontics (past, present, and future!) are a huge benefit. I know that I can rely on him as a colleague and a resource as I continue in orthodontics and expand my practice.

Sarah Olim, DDS
Houston, TX

Dr. Williams is a very dedicated instructor that wants you to not only learn but to make sure you implement what you learn. I appreciate an instructor that offers to help you with your cases if you email him. Thanks!

Jamie Cameron, DDS
Carnegie OK

Dr. Williams has vast knowledge and experience in orthodontics from a GP perspective. Dr. Williams is very approachable, accommodating, and makes learning and participation easy. I would strongly encourage any GP considering incorporating ortho into their practice to start with Dr. Williams’ Basic and Intermediate seminars.

Jacques R. Williams, DDS
Douglasville GA