Improve Patient Relationships

Your dental office is thriving, but you may still need assistance developing a more comfortable relationship with your dental patients. While production and revenue are at the top of most dentists’ list of goals, you should also aim to make dental patients happy and try to make their dental visit a pleasant one.

There are numerous ways to help your dental patients feel at ease and develop trusting, long-lasting relationships that can span generations. If you can apply a few simple tips to your dental practice, you will notice the change from people just as dental patients to a more family-oriented environment.

1. Follow-up Phone Call from the Dentist

There is no greater feeling than leaving a wonderful dental appointment and having your dentist follow up with you to ensure you had a good visit. This simple gesture shows compassion and that the patient is not just a number on a list. Calling to make sure your dental patients are okay will demonstrate your practice’s culture is patient centered and will bring you many referrals for years to come.

2. Free Wifi

Offering free Wifi is almost necessary in today’s age. It is similar to providing magazines in a dental or medical office back in the day. Dental patients expect to be able to scroll on their phones while waiting for their appointment. Who knows? Maybe they will search your webpage and leave a positive review for a great dental visit.

3. Updated Technology

Patients appreciate advanced technology because it shows your office cares about patient safety and providing high quality dental care. Consider CAD/CAM technology, digital X-rays, digital communication, intraoral cameras like Mouthwatch, and Cone Beam technology. Not only does advanced technology get the attention of new dental patients, it will save you time and money in the operatory because it helps provide excellent results.

4. A Compassionate Dental Team

Your dental team is one of the primary ways your dental patients will review your office. Your staff, ranging from your treatment coordinator to your assistant, is a reflection upon you. Hire and train a team that is thorough, caring, and good at communicating. It is often a team member that a patient will remember because they spend the most time with them while in the chair, make new appointments with them, and, most importantly, pay any out-of-pocket expenses at the front desk.

5. An In-office Membership Plan

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have dental insurance. Some patients with dental insurance have such poor coverage, they would benefit from an in-office membership plan that helps alleviate out-of-pocket costs. A membership plan is a great way to market your office and set yourself apart from other cookie-cutter offices. It also helps gain the respect of dental patients who may have financial difficulties and develops a strong relationship by showing you are trying to provide affordable care.

6. Offer Orthodontics

Patients are always looking for ways to improve their oral health and smiles. Implementing an orthodontic program into your office is a fantastic way to boost revenue and help patients achieve that perfect smile. Consider taking orthodontic courses with Dr. Brad Williams to treat dental patients with braces. It helps keep patients in-house and your patients will develop an even more loyal relationship since you are transforming their smiles.

7. A Comfortable Environment

The dentist office may not be your patients’ favorite place to go, but if you provide a relaxing atmosphere, that may change. Offer soothing music and patient choices for prophy paste, a hand-warming towel, a blanket, or earphones. A comfortable dental appointment will show patients you care about their experience in the office and not just the dental work.

8. Online Payments

These days, convenience is everything to people. Not everyone goes to the post office anymore or writes personal checks. Offer an online payment center so patients can pay their bills easily and on time. By paying their bills through your website, they can do it straight from their smartphone, which they spend the most time on!

9. Social Media

Social media is the number one way offices are able to keep in touch and communicate updates about their practice. Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are platforms that allow you to post patient appreciation, staff updates, and maintain a personal relationship over the course of the year.

10. Patient Referral Incentive

Showing your dental patients you appreciate them trusting you and referring friends and family is a great tool to bring in more referrals and develop a long-lasting relationship. When a patient refers someone to your practice, consider writing a thank you note or giving them a small gift card as a thank you. The gesture will go a long way with patients because it shows you sincerely care about their referral.