Patient-centered Dentistry and Approaching Patient Care From a Whole Mouth Perspective

Patient-centered dentistry is the art of providing your patient family with a high level of personalized patient care. In addition to taking a gentle, compassionate approach to patient care, a patient-centered practice has the outlook of not just treating individual oral health issues, but anticipating and proactively treating issues patients may not even be aware of yet.

Orthodontic care is a great example of a dentistry service that can play an integral role in a patients’ self-confidence as well as their oral health. Encouraging patients with malocclusions or cosmetic alignment issues to seek out orthodontic care is something you already do. But this duty can be far more rewarding if you can also be the one to then diagnose, treat, and monitor the majority of your patients.

Expanding Your Dentistry Services to Include Effective Orthodontic Care

Expanding the services offered to patients does a lot more than simply boost your practice’s profits. It also gives you the opportunity to develop a better relationship with your existing patients and more easily attract new patients who are looking for a personalized dental care experience.

If you’re currently offering general dentistry services, such as preventive and restorative care, the basics of your patients’ needs are met. Some dentists choose to further their education in cosmetic dentistry, thereby offering a wider range of solutions, such as smile makeovers. Patients of these dentists will naturally develop an interest in cosmetic dentistry as their dentist informs them of the benefits. These same patients may not have even been interested in cosmetic care prior to this introduction from their trusted dentist.

This very same idea of improving patient care through expanded services applies beautifully to orthodontic treatment. General and pediatric dentists who take the time to learn the basics of straight wire orthodontic treatment are armed with the tools to push their patient care abilities even further. You can now reduce the need for orthodontic referrals and also improve your business by offering teeth straightening right at home in your office, which is often very encouraging to reluctant patients.

Additionally, if patients are able to receive orthodontic care from their dentist whom they already trust, there is less temptation for them to seek out the popular fad of at-home teeth straightening systems. Not only can you educate patients on the safest, most effective ways of straightening smiles, but you’ll also be fully prepared to provide the best patient care in getting them the straight smile they want.

You can begin the journey of helping your patients with their smile goals by taking the Premier Straight Wire Orthodontics course with Dr. Williams.

How the Premier Straight Wire Orthodontics Course Will Benefit Your Practice and Your Patients

The major advantage of taking the Premier Straight Wire Orthodontics Course? General and pediatric dentists, like you, will complete Dr. Williams’ course with the ability to confidently treat 70% to 80% of patient cases with straight wire orthodontic treatment. Close to 80% of patients requiring orthodontic treatment have either Class-l or Class-ll malocclusions, both of which you’ll learn to diagnose and effectively treat.

As a student of this course, you’ll also:

  • Develop a solid understanding of the straight wire orthodontic appliance system
  • Learn the basics of cephalometric analysis in diagnosis and treatment
  • Practice how to most effectively band and bracket teeth
  • Discover how to begin incorporating orthodontic treatment within your own practice.

The Premier Straight Wire Orthodontics Course includes six training sessions, each consisting of three days of training. The first one and a half days you’ll focus on hands-on exercises, videos, and lectures, with the remaining half day being devoted to reviewing patient treatment cases. During this half day, you may review cases relating to your own practice’s patients or review cases of patients participating in the course clinic.

The third day is dedicated to treating real patients alongside Dr. Williams. For this course, students will be granted temporary licensure by the state of Oklahoma. This means you’ll be fully involved with patient care during this course rather than simply participating as a bystander! This unique licensure feature is the reason why so many general, family, and pediatric dentists find this course to be invaluable for developing a strong foundation of basic orthodontic patient care.

Spark positive change in your practice by enrolling in Dr. Williams’ course today.

Dr. Williams’ premier orthodontics program begins on July 22, 2021, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have a limited class size for this course and encourage interested dentists to enroll as soon as possible.

For more information on this training program or to register today, visit this webpage for everything you need to know.