Why Dr. Brad’s orthodontics courses are perfect for general dentists, according to testimonials and reviews.

General and family dentists who are interested in expanding their services often look toward orthodontic care. Many dentists find themselves referring a number of patients out to orthodontists, including fairly straightforward cases they could treat themselves if they had the right skillset.

If this sounds like the situation you’re in, attending straight wire orthodontics courses with Dr. Brad Williams, DDS, will put you on the path to success. Here are 8 reasons why general and family dentists speak enthusiastically about Dr. Brad’s orthodontics courses and his approach to teaching.

1. There is a strong focus on providing excellent patient care.

“Excellent teaching method. I loved this course because Dr. Williams eased into the subject. I also appreciate the attention that is paid to standard of care. I will never look at the mouth the same way. Thank you Dr. Williams.” —Amit Pandya, DDS, New Hyde Park, NY

Patient comfort and care always come first as it’s a privilege when someone entrusts us with their smile. Dr. Brad’s orthodontics courses prioritize patient care, including interacting with patients and viewing orthodontic cases from a holistic perspective. There are no cutting corners or rushed approaches to care here!

2. You’ll have the confidence to actually implement orthodontics.

“After taking several other orthodontic courses, I found Dr. Williams’ course to be exemplary at demystifying orthodontics and giving me the confidence I needed to implement orthodontics into my every day practice.” —Anne Ziegler, DDS, Missoula, MT

The biggest issue with many orthodontics courses is that they don’t leave dentists with the confidence to actually begin treating real patients. This isn’t the case with Dr. Brad’s orthodontics courses and seminars. A common trend in alumni testimonials and reviews is the level of confidence students have after completing a course.

The goal is to not just know how to treat patients at the end of a class, but to have the skills and confidence to put your knowledge into practice.

3. Dr. Williams’ passion for orthodontics is infectious.

“This has been a great experience learning from Dr. Williams. I truly feel that I have added more years of practice longevity by learning orthodontics and straight wire series system. I feel a renewed zest for learning and practice growth.” —B. Octavio Elizondo, DDS, San Benito, TX

Continuing education should leave you feeling refreshed and motivated! Dr. Brad is well-known for his wonderful sense of humor as well as his deep passion for teaching orthodontics to eager students. You can’t help but feel his energy and drive for excellence as a student working alongside him.

4. Each course combines lectures with hands-on patient cases.

“After several years of parents asking me for ‘braces’ and during taking this course I finally jumped in and started and I couldn’t be happier. The hands-on exercises, theory and ortho financial guidance for your practice make this course unique and worth taking.” —Diana Carolina Sanchez, DDS, Houston TX

Understanding the theory behind straight wire orthodontics and implementing orthodontics into your practice is important. However, without real case studies and hands-on exercises, it can be difficult to piece together the puzzle of successful orthodontic care as a general dentist. Dr. Brad leaps over these common obstacles by including hands-on training and real-world situations in every class.

5. You’ll develop relationships with classmates and your teacher.

“Most importantly I feel well supported by Dr. Williams and my class for my cases going forward. I learned the tools and techniques necessary to identify, diagnose and treat cases in my offices immediately. I will definitely recommend his course to others. Thank you!” —Amar Pattani, DDS, Glenview, IL

Dr. Brad isn’t just your teacher, he’s also a colleague and a resource you can collaborate with throughout your orthodontics courses and after completion. You’ll also develop relationships with fellow general dentists and family dentists, which will provide valuable support and a sense of community as you begin to implement your new skills.

6. The approach to teaching is engaging and relaxed.

“His basic and intermediate courses have provided me with a systematic approach to diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment whis has enabled me to keep 80-85% of the orthodontic cases in my practice. Above all, Dr. Williams is very friendly and approachable. He is a great resource in helping me with my individual cases!” —Jane Lilly, DDS, Sioux City, IA

A teacher who is able to connect with students is one who is also able to relay the full extent of their knowledge. Dr. Brad’s students find that he’s incredibly friendly and approachable, which allows them to feel free to ask questions and pick his brain when it comes to discussion and exercises. The design of the class is also not intimidating, making it feel very welcoming for those completely new to orthodontics.

7. Classes include small groups with plenty of one-on-one time.

“The knowledge I gained from Dr. Williams’ Straight Wire Series course is invaluable. The class was laid back and small enough to where I never felt intimidated to ask questions. Dr. Williams taught the course in such a way that my intimidation of orthodontics is gone. I am so glad that I decided to take this course!” —Carol White, DDS, Conroe, TX

Small classes allow for more one-on-one time with the teacher and the ability for classmates to get to know one another better. Dr. Brad limits his class sizes to ensure everyone is able to get equal attention and have time to ask questions.

8. Each of the orthodontics courses is organized and includes what you need to know.

“I have taken MANY instructors and find Dr. Williams to be amongst some of the finest. He is organized and experienced and especially if you are NEW to ortho. He gives guidance and instruction that instills confidence to begin treating ortho cases. I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Williams for both starting ortho treatment or continuing your advanced ortho education.” —Susan B. Tiede, DDS, Missoula, MT

Dr. Brad has been teaching straight wire orthodontics for years and has organized his classes to ensure everything dentists need to know is taught, minus any fluff that may not be necessary. You’ll find that this level of organization enhances the learning environment, promotes self-confidence, and pushes your motivation for learning.

Are you ready to take the first step toward practicing straight wire orthodontics?

You can find more information about the orthodontics courses Dr. Brad offers by visiting the Courses section of the website. For more information about our orthodontics courses, please contact us by calling our office or using this online form.