Mandibular Repositioning Appliance

Intermediate Course


  • To reposition the mandible in an anterior position
  • A retruded-retrognathic mandible

Instruments & Materials Needed (Prior to Start of Class): •

  • Band Pusher/Scaler
  • Distal End Bender
  • Distal End Cutter
  • Elastic Remover/Explorer
  • Heavy Duty Wire Cutter
  • Ligature Remover/Director
  • Light Wire Plier (Long Bird Beak)
  • Mathieu Plier– Hook Tip & Wide Tip
  • Pin and Ligature Cutter
  • Weingardt plier

Materials Provided:

  • .019 x .025 Stainless Steel Upper/ Lower Archwires
  • Twin Force Bite Corrector Appliance
  • Glide Ties



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