D2 Appliance

Intermediate Course


  • Simplify Class II treatment during the initial stage of treatment
  • Distalization of Maxillary Molar, premolars & canine en masse

Instruments & Materials Needed (Prior to Start of Class):

  • Arch Markers
  • Band Pusher/Scaler
  • Deluxe Bracket Placer / Slot Aligner
  • Heavy Duty Wire Cutters
  • Hollow Chop Plier
  • Mathieu Plier– Hook Tip & Wide Tip
  • Three Prong Plier
  • Clear Typodont with no bands or brackets on upper arch

Materials Provided:

  • Accelerator Spray
  • D2 Appliance
  • D2 Elastics
  • Super Glue




Instructions for Use

Position molar component and contour the bar to the arch shape. Bend molar end of bar if additional molar rotation is desired.

Mark the bar to the center of the cuspid (or 1st bicuspid).

Cut off excess end of bar and verify bar fits fully into anterior component hole. Etch teeth to be bonded and clean molar pad of saliva contamination. You can add relief wax to the posterior component, so it does not move during bonding.

Bond molar component. Slide anterior component onto bar and bond to tooth. Repeat bonding procedure for opposite side. Remove relief wax.

Band or direct bond mandibular molar with buccal tube or button.

Instruct the patient to wear 1 /4” 6.5 ounce elastics for 24-hour wear and evaluate position in 6-8 weeks. The D2 Appliance is usually worn 4-6 months and adjust elastic force as desired.

An ESSIX Retainer is recommended on the lower arch.

Simplifying Class II Correction

The D2 distalizing appliance was developed to simplify treatment of Class II cases during the initial stage of treatment. The patented D2 design treats to a Class I platform by the intra oral elastics forces. Molars are distal rotated into their desired position. Take advantage of early treatment patient cooperation. Brackets can be placed during or after the Class I correction is completed.



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