Considering the expansion of your dental practice by incorporating orthodontic services? Research indicates a substantial uptick in pediatric (62%) and general dentists (17.9%) offering comprehensive orthodontic treatments. Additionally, 76.3% of general practitioners provide basic orthodontic care, and 19.3% offer comprehensive services.

This shift isn’t merely a trend; it’s a strategic move. Explore the five compelling reasons behind the surge in dentists integrating orthodontics, developing patient loyalty, and propelling practice growth for optimal results.

Growing Trend: Dentists Adding Orthodontics to Improve Patient Loyalty

Times are changing in the dental landscape; general practitioners are increasingly integrating orthodontic services in-house. Beyond the clinical scope, this trend signifies a strategic move toward enhancing patient relationships and fostering loyalty. The benefits are tangible—studies reveal that without orthodontic treatment, individuals face heightened susceptibility to tooth decay, gum disease, bone destruction, and various dental issues.

By offering comprehensive orthodontics, dentists address aesthetic concerns and contribute to overall oral health, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive patient care.

Statistics further emphasize the advantages of this integrated approach. Patients appreciate the convenience of receiving diverse dental services under one roof, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, dentists with orthodontic expertise demonstrate a holistic approach, creating long-lasting relationships with their patient base.

As the demand for orthodontic services continues to rise, dentists embracing this trend position themselves as trusted providers of comprehensive oral care. Let’s dig in further.

5 Reasons to Add Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice

Here are five compelling reasons why diving into orthodontics can be a game-changer for your dental journey.

1. Enhanced Patient Experience

Integrating orthodontics into your practice enhances the patient experience and ensures continuity of care. By providing comprehensive services, you eliminate the need to refer patients elsewhere, allowing you to manage general and orthodontic needs seamlessly.

This continuity builds trust and encourages better patient compliance. Beyond aesthetics, orthodontic treatment yields life-enhancing results, such as improved biting and chewing function, enhanced alignment of teeth and jaws, reduced risk of dental issues like decay and gum disease, fewer emergencies, improved oral hygiene, and a beautiful smile!

2. Practicing Diversification and Growth

Specialized training in orthodontics positions you above competitors, making your practice a go-to destination. Diversifying your skill set ensures that every pediatric patient you see receives an orthodontic evaluation, further enhancing your practice’s comprehensive care approach. This deliberate integration sets the stage for significant practice growth, meeting the evolving demands of the dental landscape.

3. Increased Revenue

Incorporating orthodontics isn’t just a smile upgrade; it’s a financial boost. The average orthodontic practice enjoys a 43% profit after covering a 57% overhead. For instance, adding two new orthodontic cases at $5,000 each per month can skyrocket your practice revenue by $173,000 and profits by $80,000 in just the first two years. It’s not just about braces; it’s about building a robust bottom line for your practice.

4. Helping Patients Maintain Oral Health

Orthodontics isn’t just about aligning smiles; it’s a gateway to optimal oral health. Beyond the cosmetic benefits, orthodontic treatment enhances function—improving biting and chewing. It aligns teeth and jaws, reducing the risk of dental issues like decay and gum disease. By addressing these fundamental aspects, orthodontics becomes a powerful tool in ensuring your patients maintain a healthy and resilient smile for a lifetime.

5. Creating Beautiful, Confident Smiles

Transforming smiles isn’t just a cosmetic endeavor—it’s a confidence booster. Offering orthodontic treatments allows you to be a catalyst in creating beautiful smiles, positively impacting your patients’ self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Incorporating orthodontics into your practice isn’t just about staying current; it’s about steering your dental journey toward enhanced patient care, practice growth, and professional fulfillment.

Getting Started with Orthodontics Courses from Williams GP Orthodontics Seminars

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Exploring Orthodontics Courses for Dental Practice Investment

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