Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars has an orthodontics course to suit every level of skill.

Are you looking to learn the fundamentals of orthodontics and have you finally committed to pursuing orthodontic courses for general dentists? Williams (GP) Orthodontic Seminars offers all types of courses designed for general and pediatric dentists who want to learn strategies to apply orthodontics to their practices. Dr. Brad Williams and his experienced, dedicated team even has auxiliary staff training so your entire practice can treat general dental orthodontics.

Each course is designed to help dentists discover a new perspective and leave with an abundance of knowledge to bring back to their patients. While there are numerous courses depending on your level of training, the top 3 popular choices for Dr. Brad Williams orthodontic certificate courses include the Basic Straight Wire course, the Orthodontic Assisting Training course, and Williams Update Weekends course.

1. Basic Straight Wire Course

For most dentists, their experience with orthodontics is limited because dental school and residency does not include orthodontics as a focused teaching subject. Also, since orthodontics is traditionally a treatment that spans 18 to 24 months, most schools won’t give clinical cases to dental students, so they get very little hands-on experience.

If you are looking for a beginner course in orthodontics, the Basic Straight Wire course is the perfect choice. Dr. Brad Williams designed the course to take place over five sessions spanning several months. This way, dentists get the opportunity to learn about orthodontics in stages because it is a field of dentistry that simply cannot be taught in a single weekend.

Dentists love the Basic Straight Wire course because, aside from earning 100 continuing education credits, they have the opportunity to network with other dental professionals looking to add orthodontics or phase out traditional dentistry.

The Basic Straight Wire course includes both a didactic and hands-on clinical component so you will learn about diagnosis and record taking, but also have the practical skills to go home and treat patients using the straight wire technique. One of the best features of the course is that when you continue on to the next session, you can brainstorm with your enthusiastic instructors and colleagues about any treatment plans or clinical cases you have questions about.

2. Orthodontic Assistant Course

Do you plan to do each part of orthodontic treatment alone? Just like in general and pediatric dentistry, you rely on your assistant to clean and hand instruments, use proper terminology, take records, and speak with patients. If you are proficient in orthodontics, but your assistant has no experience, this leaves you with a lot more work if you have no help.

The Orthodontic Assistant Course is popular among dentists because it is necessary to properly train your staff on orthodontics to be productive and successful. The weekend course reviews everything your auxiliary staff need to know so they can be cross-trained in general dental orthodontics.

Some of the topics included in the assistant course are learning about orthodontic terminology and instruments, taking diagnostic records and clinical photos, placing orthodontic bands and separators, and using the straight wire technique. The course goes into depth about malocclusions and helps your assistant understand the purpose of some of the appliances and orthodontic strategies.

3. Update Weekends

Sometimes, even after a few courses with Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars, you want to freshen up your skills and review new orthodontic techniques. This is why the Update Weekends course, which is held once per year, is a popular choice among general and pediatric dentists.

The Update Weekends course is the perfect orthodontic course for general dentists looking to learn about techniques and strategies to finish cases. This course is created for dentists who have experience with the straight wire system and are looking to continue their orthodontic certificate courses.

Some of the course objectives include learning about how to finish Phase I expansion cases and non-extraction cases using the straight wire technique. Dentists will also get the experience of learning about airway dentistry and how expansion can benefit in the mixed dentition.

Dr. Brad Williams is your partner in your orthodontic journey.

Adding orthodontics to your practice is a lucrative way to offer your patients the services they want and need while extending your skill set to keep your career fresh and exciting. Dr. Brad Williams has the experience in and passion for orthodontics to ensure you gain a solid skill set and the confidence to treat orthodontic cases.

If you’re ready for the next step in your career, visit Dr. Brad Williams Seminars and get started on your next CE course today.