As a dentist, you’d probably rather focus on providing care for your patients than dental marketing best practices. However, the success of your practice depends on the administrative and marketing side as well. Adding a blog to your website can serve as a highly effective strategy to engage with new patients.

What is a blog, and what does it do?

You might associate blogging with individuals sharing details of their personal lives, but that’s far from their only application these days. Businesses of all kinds implement blogs on their websites to provide valuable information and support their marketing efforts.

A blog is a section on your dental practice’s website where you create individual posts or articles. These are medium-to-long pieces of content that differ from the concise and action-oriented flow of most web pages. The goal of your blog is to draw patients in by providing valuable insight and information.

The top three benefits of having a dental blog.

Adding a dental blog to your website and keeping it frequently updated with new posts can provide a variety of benefits. Blogging for dental practices addresses multiple areas of marketing and the customer journey, improving SEO strategy, building patient trust, and driving visitors to schedule their appointments.

1. Improving SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most important elements of digital marketing. It refers to the optimization of your website to rank high on search engines, both in general and for specific search terms. Today, a blog is among the most powerful tools to achieve organic SEO.

Creating blog posts provides you with the opportunity to target a wider range of keywords. Your website’s home page and pages for specific treatments can only contain so much content. Adding blog posts focusing on specific treatments or answering questions patients search for can broaden your SEO strategy.

2. Establishing Authority

As a dentist, building trust with your patients is essential. You need potential patients to feel confident in your capabilities, and your website should reflect that. Blog posts allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and capabilities in specific treatment areas.

You can make your practice more appealing to patients looking for specific treatments by publishing blogs that outline your approach and dental technology. Walking through treatments and explaining their benefits can make patients more confident in what you have to offer.

3. Engaging Patients

Blog posts let you interact with patients differently than other website pages. You can craft a narrative and thoroughly explore topics. While concise writing is still important, you aren’t trying to cram information into brief slogans. You can provide the information your patients seek while guiding them toward your practice.

How to get started on your dental blog.

Starting and maintaining your dental blog can pose a challenge. It takes time out of your already busy schedule, and you need to handle it the right way to deliver results. These simple tips can help you achieve dental blog success.

Define Your Audience

Defining your audience is vital for any marketing strategy. Does your practice focus on general dentistry for families, cosmetic dentistry for adults, or restorative options for seniors? These are just a few examples, and your practice could combine more than one. Knowing your audience can help you choose blog topics and guide your goals.

Content Planning and Creation

Of course, there’s also the challenge of writing the blog posts themselves. You need to choose the right topics and present them in accordance with your practice’s voice.

To brainstorm ideas, consider your top treatments and which you want to promote. A great way to come up with blog post ideas is to pull from the pool of actual questions your patients ask.

Blog Promotion

While one of the core goals of your blog is to bring in organic traffic from search engines, you can maximize its reach by promoting it in other ways as well. Make sure to create social media posts to go with any blog post, providing a link to the blog itself. Include links to other blog posts in each new post to increase views for all of them.

Blogging to support the orthodontic treatment options you provide.

Blogging for dental practices can help you reach more patients and spread important information. If you’ve added new treatment options to your practice, making a blog post about it can help spread the word to your patients.

After you’ve completed orthodontic courses with Brad Williams at Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars, your dental practice blog can help highlight the benefits of orthodontic treatment to your patients.

Build your experience and skill in providing quality care with our wide range of courses, and let your patients know about your treatment options.