Why Your Dental Office Should Have and Maintain a Professional Website

These days everyone has a website, and if you don’t, you really should! A website is the first interaction your dental practice makes with a potential new patient. If your website is outdated or isn’t mobile friendly, you may actually be turning patients away because having a website screams professionalism. In order to build credibility for your dental website, take a hard look at it. Are the necessary features present to give existing patients, and hopefully new ones, the information they need?

Websites are more than just a simple URL; they help patients get to know you first through your team bios and show your office culture through your brand, logo, and design. While websites range from simple to highly designed, the key is to maintain professionalism while promoting your office and services.

Here are 7 guidelines to help your practice build recognition of your website and ensure your site is one you can be proud of.

1. Use a professional marketing company.

There are more than a few companies that promote creating a free website, but is a free dental website something you’re looking for? When it comes to a website, leave it to the professionals and hire a marketing company that has expertise in designing dental websites. You want to have a professional layout, and patients can tell when you put the time and effort into creating a well-designed website.

A professional website company or marketing agency can offer you marketing services like Google ads, SEO, and blog content that may help your office further grow and get recognition online. They understand proper design formatting and how to make a website easy to use for your patients so they can navigate it without hassle.

2. Don’t be the standard website.

Sure, you want to include a mission statement and biographies of your dentists and staff members. But, there are so many other key features you can be offering that makes your website stand out from the cookie-cutter sites.

Modernized dental websites have features like pay-online options for patients to help them and your office save time and effort. Features like virtual consultations are a great way to help patients who really want to invest in their oral health. Communication options like a “live team member” or chatbox are great ways for patients to interact with your office after hours or reach you if there is an emergency.

Think outside the box and try to come up with unique ideas to show your office is modernized. A good example is to display before-and-after orthodontic photos because patients love to see real-life work that you have completed.

3. Create a mobile-friendly site.

If your website is not mobile friendly, your patients will most likely not be able to find you online or be able to navigate your website. To build credibility with your patients, design a site that can be used on all smartphone devices; according to a survey, over 70% of Americans check their phones within 5 minutes of a notification, and many Americans check their phones almost 350 times per day!

4. Design is key.

A boring website may indicate to a new patient that your office is outdated and doesn’t have the latest technology. A website is a tool used to give patients office information, but it’s also a reflection on your dental practice. Before you go to a fancy restaurant, you’ll take a look at their online menu. If it’s subpar, you may think twice. Invest in your dental brand by designing a website that is organized, uses great color schemes, and showcases your office strengths.

5. Consider professional content.

General dentists offer professional services like dental implants and orthodontics, and sometimes even after reviewing in depth with a patient about the treatment, they still have questions. Your website is a great place to direct patients for accurate and professional information. It’s a great tool to give patients the knowledge they need on the process, treatment costs, and answers to questions they may have prior to treatment. During orthodontic treatment, you can direct patients to the website for questions on foods, pain management, and emergencies.

6. Update your website.

Maybe you invested a lot in your website, but this was over 5 or 10 years ago. Make sure your website is accurate and updated to reflect your current office and practices. If you have new staff or your office had a decor change, showcase these updates on your website. Patients like updates, whether it’s an ongoing blog or updates on new protocols related to Covid-19.

Updating your website is a simple way to build credibility with your patients because it shows that you are on top of your game skill-wise too.

7. Highlight your services.

Not every dentist offers modernized treatment like orthodontics. If you are a general dentist practicing orthodontics, this is certainly something to highlight on your website. Discuss your experiences with taking orthodontic courses with Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars and how it is a life changing treatment for your patients. Show before-and-after photos and link to your educational background to boost your credibility, making patients more likely to come in for treatment.

A website is one of the best ways to make a great introduction to new patients and show your ongoing commitment to existing ones. When you design a professional, mobile-friendly website, you are more likely to build credibility and a positive reputation for a highly advanced dental practice.