Employing Bends in Everyday Orthodontic Mechanics


  • To develop wire bending skills in support of Straight Wire Orthodontic treatment.

Instruments & Material Needed (Prior to Start of Class):

  • Arch Marker
  • Bird Beak Plier
  • Heavy Duty Wire Cutter

Materials Provided:

  • .032 Stainless Steel Straight Wire


  • In this exercise, the objective is to practice making multiple planned bends in a typical .032 Stainless Steel archwire (used in the construction of many orthodontic appliances).
  • “Plan your work and work your plan!”
  • You will draw, on a piece of paper, your initials or name in the actual size and outline that you will then use as a template to guide you as you bend the wire to reflect your template design and bend your name.
  • RULES: YOU CAN’T CROSS BACK OVER YOUR WIRE AND IT HAS TO LAY FLAT ON THE TABLE WHEN FINISHED! This will help you learn to control your plier and your bends.
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