Reasons To Take the Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course

Adjunctive orthodontics is another way of saying teeth must be moved before performing another dental procedure that can improve a patient’s quality of life. As a general dentist with the right training, you can perform these procedures in-house.

The Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course by Dr. Bradford Williams is designed for general and pediatric dentists who want to offer patients this type of treatment without having to refer. With this proven system, you’ll be able to grow your revenue and confidently treat up to 80% of orthodontic cases in your practice.

This course is especially valuable for dentists who have completed the Basic and Intermediate Straight Wire Orthodontics courses or are otherwise already trained in straight wire orthodontics.

Take a look below at 7 notable benefits of taking the Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course for general dentists.

1. Expand Your Orthodontic Toolkit

You could enroll in standard online orthodontic courses, but you would miss out on the advanced techniques taught in the Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course. This class teaches you how to enrich your orthodontic services using TADs, laser, and electrosurgery, which can greatly improve treatment capabilities.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to apply laser and electrosurgical techniques during your orthodontic treatment. For example, you can eliminate excess gum tissue covering a tooth and create space for bracket placement.

Without these skills, you may have to refer patients to another dentist.

2. To Gain Hands-On Clinical Experience

Not all orthodontic courses provide the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Under the guidance of Dr. Williams, you’ll practice your skills to promote retention of new knowledge, which can increase your success rate as you begin putting these techniques into practice in your office.

Completing supervised hands-on training will allow you to make mistakes in a low-risk environment. You’ll have access to a knowledgeable instructor who will answer your questions as you move through the course. Your confidence will grow, helping you provide the best patient care after training.

3. To Learn How To Incorporate Modern Technologies

Some of the most innovative tools in producing 3D models of your patient’s mouth allow you to visualize results and enhance diagnostics. The Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course covers the integration of scanning and 3D printing into orthodontic practice. Including these modalities helps keep you at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.

Scanning the oral cavity provides a comprehensive record, allowing you to identify potential issues at their earliest stages and to create a unique treatment plan. It’s also more comfortable for patients, who won’t need to experience unpleasant impression material in their mouths.

4. To Increase Your Practice Revenue

The more patients you can treat, the more income you’ll earn for your practice. One way to increase this number is by offering a new service. Mastering adjunctive orthodontic procedures can broaden your practice’s treatment offerings.

Most people don’t want to bounce around between providers for care. So the more services you can provide without referrals, the more attractive your team will be to new patients. Climbing case acceptance rates translate to higher practice revenue.

5. To Receive Continuing Education Credits

Earning continuing education credits can be challenging when dividing your time between your career and family. The Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course allows you to earn 20 hours of continuing education credit.

This means that, by taking this course, you can not only support your professional development but also fulfill your licensure requirements.

6. For Networking and Professional Development

Attending orthodontic courses helps you connect with other orthodontic practitioners. It allows you to discuss concerns and ideas with experienced peers. Through American Orthodontic Society (AOS) membership, you can continue to expand your network and grow professionally. You’ll create lifelong connections that support your orthodontic endeavors.

7. To Practically Apply Course Learning

The Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course has a practical approach. Information is presented using lectures and case studies, but you also participate in clinical exercises. You gain hands-on experience that ensures you can confidently apply your new skills and techniques directly in your practice.

Learn a clear, systematic approach to orthodontics with our Orthodontic Procedures course.

From expanding your toolkit to increasing practice revenue, the Adjunctive Orthodontic Procedures Course can impact your practice in significant ways. If you’re ready to enhance your skills, grow your practice, and deliver superior orthodontic care, this course is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Class sizes are limited to ensure you receive the attention needed to learn and practice your new skills. Contact Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars to learn more and claim your spot today!