Take a new direction in your dental practice.

Nowadays, dentistry is a competitive, tough climate to be in. Unlike many years ago, dental offices are open on every corner and are always looking for new ways to attract patients and set themselves apart from local practices. General and pediatric dentists are constantly trying out new ways to increase production and stay up to date on the latest advances in dentistry. Whether it is dental implants or straight wire orthodontics, dentists want to provide high-quality care while also enhancing the treatments they offer. How can you, as a dental practitioner, distinguish yourself from the crowd and be the talk of the town in dentistry?

We all know how lucrative and attractive it is to offer straight wire orthodontics, but many dentists have no experience in the field, so it can seem impossible to offer such a specialized field of dentistry. Fortunately, the Straight Wire Orthodontics course is geared toward general and pediatric dentists who are looking to incorporate orthodontics into their practices.

What is straight wire orthodontics?

Orthodontists spend additional years after dental school specializing in the field. General and pediatric dentists who want to offer their patients orthodontic services can complete continuing education courses either in person or virtually with Dr. Bradford Williams through the Straight Wire Orthodontic course.

Straight Wire Orthodontics is the orthodontic strategy that uses straight wire appliances to shift teeth into their correct position. With the aid of brackets, the straight wire will eventually return to its original shape as teeth move into the desired position. The straight wire orthodontics wire lies in a straight slot in the bracket for better control of tooth movement. The slot in the bracket is straight, so the whole body of a tooth can move at once.

The course is a good opportunity for both general and pediatric dentists because these professionals already work closely with orthodontists. The entire course is intended to help dentists be able to confidently and independently treat Class I and II malocclusions. The program is broken down into several sections so you can diagnose cases, create treatment plans for orthodontic patients, and manage their retention.

Benefits of Straight Wire Orthodontics

  • Can provide you with additional income to improve productivity
  • Provides your patients with needed services to keep treatments in-house
  • Helps grow your practice by increasing referrals
  • Offering more services can help keep you up to date with the latest dental trends

Who is an ideal candidate for our straight wire orthodontics courses?

We offer a variety of learning opportunities. But it really all starts with the Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontics course. This course is designed for general and pediatric dentists who are looking to advance their careers through a comprehensive learning experience. Dentists who are seeking an expansion of their practice or a passive income will glean all of the necessary tools and resources needed for success by investing in Dr. Williams’ five-session Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontics course.

Dentists are taught to integrate straight wire orthodontics through didactic and hands-on clinical lectures. This course offers 100 continuing education credits that are beneficial for any dentist who needs to satisfy statewide requirements.

Additional criteria that would make you a wonderful candidate for our Basic Straight Wire course includes:

  • Dentists who have a passion for advanced knowledge and training: When you sign up for the Basic Straight Wire Course, you are committed to continuing your learning and education. Knowledge does not end with graduation from dental school or the end of your residency. Investing in a course and skills outside of your scope of practice speaks volumes about your dedication to your career, patients, and yourself.
  • Dentists who are pursuing useful continuing education credits: All dentists need continuing education courses, but are you taking courses that expand your knowledge and can be applied to your practice? There are always CEs offered by major dental organizations, but what do you get out of them? The Basic Straight Wire course allows you to earn up to a total of 200 continuing education hours.
  • Dentists who want increased confidence: Referring patients to an orthodontist is reasonable, but being able to diagnose, treat, and manage your patients with Class I and Class II malocclusions is invaluable. You can keep treatment under one roof, allowing your patients to appreciate the convenience and also recognize your well-rounded scope of treatment.
  • Dentists looking to make a long-term transformation of their dental practice: The Straight Wire in-person course is an excellent opportunity for you to offer your patients comprehensive dental care ranging from preventive to restorative to orthodontic treatments. You can transform your practice by incorporating straight wire orthodontics and using it as a patient builder or altering your practice focus. Many dentists use straight wire orthodontics during a transition into retirement or a boutique-type practice.

Straight Wire Orthodontics courses are a great segue into transitioning your practice from a cookie-cutter practice into a multi-speciality and diverse dental setting. Continuing education courses can help you invest in your professional career and will also offer patients better quality care in the long run.