You are the future of orthodontics in dentistry.

Dentistry is no longer a field only known for “drilling and filling.” No one knows this more than dentists, as the dental field has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years. Dentistry now boosts the importance of oral health, uses highly advanced dental technology, and utilizes orthodontics to drastically change a smile. The medical industry recognizes how oral health directly impacts our medical health and general well-being. Because of this, there are increasing numbers of continuing education courses for general and pediatric dentists to learn modern, advanced dental techniques.

The new year is the perfect time to develop new oral health goals and have your patients reach their highest potential. Awareness on social media only helps the dental profession, as patients expect much more out of their dental practices than just a yearly cleaning. When you are planning out your yearly production goals and patient-care standards, keep in mind some of the top things patients are looking for in a dental office.

1. A Modern, Well-designed Office

Dental offices in the past didn’t exactly conjure up the image of a spa or cosmetic treatment center, but that has now changed. Newer dental practices now invest into their décor and appearance as a way to bring patients in and to reduce the fear and anxiety patients sometimes have in a dental office.

This doesn’t mean you need to start tearing down the walls, but take a look around your practice and be honest about whether it is a place you would want to receive treatment. Sometimes simple changes like lighting, music, and a paint job can make major differences in the image of your office.

2. Highly Advanced Dental Technology

Dentistry is all about evolving technology to make dentists’ lives more efficient and patients’ treatment safer and more effective. If you are still using film radiology or old-school materials, consider taking a continuing education course to learn about the newest technology to upgrade your practice.

Technology like CAD/CAM equipment and intraoral scanners are becoming a standard of care in offices because they save time and are more accurate than traditional techniques. Digital radiography like panoramic equipment with 3-D Cone Beams are becoming more common in orthodontics because they show clear anatomy and help with treatment planning.

Patients in 2022 are looking for practices that invest in their patients, and utilizing older equipment may be a turnoff for some newer patients. Compare an intraoral scanner versus traditional putty impressions to create molds for orthodontics. It’s much more comfortable for patients to have a scan than old-fashioned impressions that can cause gagging or voids in the mold.

3. Multi-specialty Dental Services

When you offer specialized treatment, patients tend to trust your judgment and are more likely to accept treatment plans. Patients want to know where you did your advanced dental education and that you have skills beyond routine dentistry. This is one of the top reasons that dentists market that they are experts in implant dentistry or orthodontics because it gives your patients a sense of trust. When your dental practice incorporates a specialty like orthodontics, you have the opportunity to comprehensively treat your patients, since orthodontics affects other areas of dentistry like prosthodontics and periodontics.

The future of orthodontics is booming, thanks to the amount of education and marketing that goes into the field. Patients are constantly searching for ways to improve their smiles and much of the improvement is linked to braces and straightening their teeth. However, orthodontics does much more than just create beautiful smiles; it helps people chew and eat more comfortably, breathe more efficiently at night, and feel more confident.

If you are looking to make the move and add orthodontics to your practice, take a hands-on orthodontics course with Dr. Williams. It is one of the greatest investments you will make for yourself and your patients. Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars gives general and pediatric dentists the opportunity to learn how to diagnose and treat orthodontic cases.

4. Improved Communication

Patients are looking for a dentist and team to effectively communicate from the very first phone call scheduling an appointment to when they depart your office after a successful visit. You need a dedicated and motivated team that is invested in patient care as much as you are.

Communication with patients these days extends to how you schedule appointments and manage insurance and paperwork. Most successful offices are paperless and have modernized systems that allow patients to make appointments online, pay their bills online, and even communicate with a dental team member through a chat box.

Having updated and HIPPA-compliant software is the first step in showing patients how well organized your office is and what they can expect from a dental visit. If your practice is not efficient at making appointments and does not have updated communication software, it is more likely you will lose patients and referrals.

5. A Successful Online Presence

There is no doubt that your dental practice needs to have a positive online reputation. Nearly every patient searches for a dentist online prior to their appointment and looks for good reviews, user-friendly websites, and social media presence.

If you are behind and not easily searchable, you can expect to lose patients to nearby practices with better SEO and online reviews. To make up for this, start asking your patients to leave positive reviews when they have a good dental experience. Have a team member work on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Work with a reputable marketing company to improve your online presence with SEO and specific keywords.

These days patients are looking for much more than just a dentist who can deliver a crown or do a filling. They want dentists who deliver personalized care while offering the highest level of dental technology, and services like orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. When you invest in your practice through continuing education and advanced dental equipment, your career will naturally soar, both professionally and personally. If it’s time for your practice to expand its services, contact us to find out how orthodontics could revolutionize your operatory.