Expand your practice and your client base through orthodontics.

Orthodontics is one of the most highly sought after dental treatments by patients in the United States. While its popularity continues to grow each year, you cannot simply turn around one day and just start offering orthodontic treatment. It takes a ton of education and hands-on practice to safely treat patients. But, you can do your research and get the orthodontic training you need to begin the process of becoming a multi-specialty general dental orthodontic office.

Take the first step.

All dentists have a lot on their plates. It is a major responsibility to run a dental practice, both clinically and administratively. While the needs and wants for the practice may grow each year, if you are thinking about offering orthodontics, there is no better time than now.

Patients who can benefit from orthodontics, both young and older, need quality treatment now to avoid long-term dental problems, like tooth decay, periodontal issues, bite problems, sleep apnea, and TMJ.

Putting in the time on an orthodontic continuing education (CE) course for general dentists is the first step in helping your patients and building your practice to the level you’ve always desired.

Don’t get left out.

Dentists are acutely aware of how orthodontics is transforming dental practices. At least 20% of the population can benefit from orthodontics, whether for aesthetic or functional reasons. And you have the orthodontic patients right in front of you!

We see orthodontics all around us in commercials, social media posts, and print media like magazines. Orthodontics is the number one tool to help patients achieve the cosmetic and functional smile they’ve always wanted, so there are more and more patients requesting treatment each year.

This means more dentists are understanding the need to get orthodontic training for general dentists and are proactively getting that coursework completed. Don’t be the last dentist on the block to offer orthodontics and get left out of a highly lucrative and popular specialization. You could be building your practice and boosting your production sooner than later.

Get the right type of training.

Unfortunately, not all CE courses are designed with the same quality of instruction. Dr. Brad Williams’ orthodontic continuing education for general dentists is one of the most highly recommended courses among dentists in the United States.


Dr. Williams has been practicing for over 35 years, teaching other dentists how to incorporate orthodontics into their practices. His team understands the challenges general and pediatric dentists face. Dr. Williams has followed the evolution of orthodontics in dental practice over time and teaches using the latest technology, materials, and techniques.

Most courses are a revolving door and guarantee quick CE credits. This is okay for most dentists who just want a quick course or credit, but, for the dentist who is looking for quality education, you want to invest in taking orthodontic CE courses for general dentists with Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars.

Dentists who have taken beginner courses with Dr. Williams typically go on to take the intermediate and advanced level classes. Dr. Anne Ziegler says, “After taking several other orthodontic courses, I found Dr. Williams’ course to be exemplary at demystifying orthodontics and giving me the confidence I needed to implement orthodontics into my everyday practice. He is very helpful and supportive in answering case specific questions.”

One of the things that sets Dr. Williams’ courses apart is that it takes place over six sessions and many months. Think about the amount of time dentists spend to understand critical skills in school. Is a weekend course enough to diagnose malocclusions, take diagnostic records, and bond braces? Likely not.

Dr. Williams’ courses are taught by actual staff who work with dentists and hygienists in general dental practices. There is no better instructor than one who has actual experience teaching and working with dentists in the same field because they know what is critical to learn and how to teach it.

Take initiative!

If you can’t get away from your practice or home for numerous in-person sessions, don’t let that stop you from offering orthodontics. We understand that life gets in the way, which is why Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars designed orthodontic CE for dentists to be conducted in-person or virtually.

The virtual track is uniquely created because it still gives dentists the didactic lectures they need, but also hands-on benchwork to get the experience with bands, brackets, and wires. When a course puts this much effort into helping dentists transform their careers and improve their patients’ quality of life, you know there is something superb about it.

Don’t keep delaying getting the orthodontic training you need to move forward in your career. Whether it is a supplement to your income or you’re looking to phase out of general dentistry, you can find professional growth in orthodontics when you sign up for an orthodontic training for general dentists.