Separators – Understanding Placement

Basic Course


  • To show different techniques placing separators
  • To show different types of separators

Instruments & Materials Needed to Place Separators in Office:

  • Brass or Niti Separating Wire
  • Elastic Separating Plier
  • Floss
  • Jarabak Plier
  • Safety Knob Separators


  • Prior to banding, separators must be placed for space to seat molar bands.
  • Using Elastic Separating Plier, pull a separator from the wheel.
  • Lubricate the separator with spit (not yours!) or fluoride to help seat the separator.
  • To remove separators, use an elastic remover for the Safety Knobs and a Jarabak Plier for the Metal Springs.


  • Careful to not stab the patient with the plier, it will happen.
  • Elastic separators can be left in 1-2 weeks, Metal Springs are left in for 2-3 days.
  • Instruct patient to not floss in these areas and to notify the office if any come out.
  • If a separator is missing when the patient returns, verify that it has come out and has not gone sub- gingival.


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