Lip Bumper

Intermediate Course


  • To hold the lower molars in place
  • To negate the hypertonic lip pressure To allow the lower anteriors to flare
  • To distalize the lower molars when, Class III elastics are worn

Instruments & Materials Needed (Prior to Start of Class):

  • Band Pusher/Scaler
  • Hollow Chop
  • Ligature Remover/Director
  • Light Wire Plier (Long Bird Beak)
  • Mathieu Plier– Hook Tip & Wide Tip
  • Pin and Ligature Cutter
  • Three Prong Clasp Plier
  • Weingardt Plier

Materials Provided:

  • Lip Bumper with hooks
  • U/L .020 Stainless Steel Archwires •
  • .012 Long Ligature Wires
  • 1/4” Light Elastics



More detail on steps 8 and 9.

  1. If the second molars are present, they should be banded and engaged to the first with a segmental archwire.
  2. The lip bumper should be 5mm away from the premolars.
  3. The lip bumper should be 3mm away from the cuspids.
  4. The lip bumper should be 2mm away from the anteriors.

It usually takes 9 to 12 months to get the expansion and movement you want.


If you want the anteriors to move labially, place the lip bumper in the middle 1/3 of the crown.







If you do not want the anteriors to move, place the lip bumper in the gingival 1/3 of the crown.






If you want to upright the first or second molars, place the lip bumper in the incisal 1/3 of the crown.






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