Leveling and Aligning Arches with .016 x .022 Nitinol Archwires*

Basic Course

*At this point in the wire series, it is a good idea to take a pano to check root positioning. If any repositioning needs to occur, this is the optimal wire to use for bracket repositioning.


  • Continues the leveling process
  • Continues to flatten out the curve of Spee
  • Obtains arch symmetry

Instruments & Materials Needed (Prior to Start of Class):

  • Distal End Cutter
  • Heavy Duty Wire Cutter
  • Mathieu Plier—Hook Tip or Wide Tip
  • Weingardt Plier

Materials Provided:

  • .016 x .022 Nitinol Archwires
  • Glide-Ties


This step in the wire series can be skipped if the patient is in an .020 Stainless Steel with curves and/or bends that have been placed in that stainless steel wire. If these curves and/or bends need to be duplicated in the next wire, proceed to the .016 x .022 Stainless Steel archwire, if possible.


  1. A nitinol wire is extremely flexible and can be used after rebracketing.
  2. Tie the wire in as usual using glide-ties or metal ligatures.
  3. Completed typodont.
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