How Dr. Williams’ orthodontic courses guide general dentists toward success.

Continuing education courses vary widely for general dentists. You may opt to further your education in a familiar skill or instead broaden your horizons to new services. Pursuing orthodontic courses is a rewarding challenge for general dentists who are eager to learn something new and grow their dental practice.

Dr. Williams’ orthodontic courses are specifically designed to help general dentists who are in the same position you are in now. You’re motivated to learn this new form of dental care and you’re searching for a course that will help you achieve your goals. Enrolling in one or more of Dr. Williams’ courses will help you do just that.

Here are 5 reasons why Dr. Williams’ alumni have found these courses to be beneficial for general dentists.

1. Dr. Williams is a fellow general dentist who pursued the very same journey you are now.

As a general dentist, attending a class designed by an orthodontist may not be as beneficial as you might imagine. While an orthodontist is certainly able to teach straight wire orthodontics, when it comes to learning these skills as a general dentist and applying them to your practice, there can be a loss in communication.

Dr. Williams—or Dr. Brad as he loves to be called—is a general dentist, not an orthodontist. He has been through the same challenges and triumphs you have. Additionally, he is able to speak from experience as a general dentist learning orthodontics rather than an orthodontist teaching general dentists.

Finding fellowship with your course instructor can elevate your ability to learn and absorb new skills to another level. Dr. Brad aims to create this type of relationship and understanding with all of his students.

2. He offers practical, applicable advice that students can put into action right away.

Time is precious for busy general dentists. You have to prioritize how your time is spent and which educational opportunities will yield the greatest rewards for yourself and your dental practice.

Orthodontic courses for general dentists have to be carefully designed to teach everything that needs to be understood while mitigating any “fluff” that isn’t necessary for successfully treating patients. Dr. Brad has achieved this very thing.

Testimonials from alumni from all backgrounds tend to point out one very important thing in Dr. Brad’s approach to teaching: he provides advice that is practical and able to be applied to real-world situations.

3. Every course is designed for students to graduate confident in their abilities.

A common frustration experienced by dentists is completing one continuing education course only to discover that they haven’t been taught to a high enough level that they’re able to confidently offer care to their own patients in a timely manner. You’ll find yourself having to take additional courses, not to further your knowledge, but to simply achieve enough baseline experience to put your skills into action.

Dr. Brad understands this frustration all too well from his own experiences. To combat this cycle, he’s purposefully designed each course to stand alone. Although you’ll see both basic and intermediate orthodontic courses available, the basic course will include everything you need to know to begin treating your own patients. The intermediate course will then build upon this solid foundation of knowledge.

4. Dr. Willams offers courses for your entire team—including office staff and assistants.

General dentists who own or co-own a private dental practice have the additional responsibility of ensuring their team is also continuing their education. By choosing to pursue straight wire orthodontics, it’s imperative that your dental assistants and office staff are knowledgeable as well.

Designed specifically for dental assistants, Williams’ Orthodontic Assistant Training Course is available for your dental care staff to learn the necessary skills to be able to support you in patient treatment. This Orthodontic Assistant Course was created by experienced orthodontic assistant Susan Coffey, RDA.

In addition to dental assistant training, Dr. Brad offers a complete Orthodontic Practice Management course to truly ensure your entire time is all on the same page. Dr. Brad’s very own office managers, Teresa Berry Williams, BA, FAADOM, and McKenzie Berry, BA, FAADOM, will guide your office staff through everything they need to know to provide the highest level of orthodontic care behind the scenes.

5. Support for course alumni continues with Williams Update Weekends.

Every general dentist knows the importance of maintaining new skill sets through refresher courses or seminars. Unfortunately, not all course providers offer supportive classes for their own alumni.

Dr. Brad understands just how crucial it is for students to be able to return to the same learning atmosphere in which they’ve already found success. The Williams Update Weekends courses are held annually for general dentists who have already completed straight wire orthodontic courses. This program takes a hands-on approach and delves further into the mechanics and techniques behind early intervention treatment and case finishing.

Williams Update Weekends are broken down into Phase 1 and Phase 2 classes. General dentists will receive 16 hours of continuing education credits for either class.

Find out when Dr. Williams’ next course is open for registration.

Dr. Williams’ upcoming courses can be found easily on his website. From here you can learn the specifics of each of the six courses offered by Dr. Brad, including length of time, CE credit hours awarded, fees, and course dates. When you’re ready to enroll in an upcoming class, you’ll be taken to the American Orthodontic Society website to sign up.

For any questions about Dr. Williams and his courses, you can get in touch through this online request form.