Take a professional clinical orthodontic course so that you can directly treat your own patients.

Dentists are committed to providing high-quality dental care by constantly looking for innovative treatments and materials that can benefit their patients. General dentists and pediatric dentists happen to see their patients more often than even a medical health practitioner. They will often see patients from a young age so they know their needs, wants, and personalities. Since most general dentists and pediatric dentists collaborate with orthodontists on a daily basis, why not learn orthodontic skills by taking a professional clinical orthodontic course so that you can directly treat your own patients?

We all know that orthodontics is a great way to build patient trust, develop a new scope and skill set, and increase revenue. In-person continuing education courses, like the Premier Straight Wire Orthodontics Course, are the best way to receive training because it puts your new scope of training in real-life time. You get to actually see what your instructor is teaching on a live patient.

The premier course is a wonderful option for general dentists and pediatric dentists looking to take a step beyond a day or weekend continuing education course. The orthodontic course in Oklahoma is designed for practitioners who are looking to implement orthodontics into their practice by understanding diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance.

The course takes place over the time frame of two years. The first year is broken down into six sessions per year with three days per session. A session consists of a didactic portion for half a day and one and a half days of hands-on treatment. The third day is spent treating patients in the clinic. All courses are taught by the experienced Dr. Brad Williams, a general dentist and orthodontic practitioner for over 30years. Dentists will get a temporary license to work and learn in his private practice in Oklahoma with other dentists.

Many dentists have benefitted from the layout of the premier course because it allows trainees to follow patients over the course of two years. Instead of taking a quick continuing education class, this course is intended to provide the knowledge and support to get you confident in the treatment of simple Class-I and Class-II malocclusions.

Premier Course Sessions

The in-person orthodontic course reviews diagnosis, offers a review of cephalometrics and panoramic radiographs, allows you to perform orthodontic exercises on typodonts and discuss group treatment planning to prepare you for clinical application. The hands-on portion is invaluable because you will work with Dr. Williams and other motivated dentists wanting to incorporate orthodontics.

The six sessions for the first year are broken down into phases to get you comfortable with the terminology, case diagnosis and selection, and treatment planning. They include the following:

Session I: An overview of orthodontics and cephalometrics and how to diagnose, place separators and brackets

Session II: Understanding early treatment including interceptive cases with appropriate appliances

Session III: Understanding Phase II comprehensive treatment using straight wire techniques

Session IV: Continues Phase II treatment planning and treatment and learning about Class-II malocclusions

Session V: Learning about closing spaces and retraction mechanics and monitoring cases

Session VI: Completing casework with elastics, clear aligners, and retention techniques

Benefits of the Premier Course

  • Extended knowledge and training: When you sign up for the premier course, you are not simply doing a class for a few hours. The Straight Wire Orthodontics Course is an investment into your career as it provides the knowledge needed to effectively and safely treat malocclusions. The course includes the 400-plus page Straight Wire manual that discusses the most updated concepts in straight wire orthodontics.
  • Continuing education credits: The course takes place over 24 months, giving you continuing, live credits and most importantly, letting you follow your patient. The in-person course gives you the opportunity to earn up to 288 credit hours. You will also be eligible to apply your continuing education hours to the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) and the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) Tier Advancement as well as the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).
  • Increased confidence: Understanding a new dental topic and being competent are completely different. The Premier Straight Wire Orthodontics Course offers the opportunity to learn and follow your patients under the guidance of Dr. Williams. You will receive support during your course, but also receive professional support following the clinical program. A long-term clinical experience is invaluable in your education and for your professional growth.
  • Transform your dental practice: The Straight Wire in-person course is an opportunity for you to offer your patients comprehensive dental care. Rather than simply refer a case out, you change the way your practice operates by keeping services under one roof. In fact, many orthodontic cases go undiagnosed each year, not because a general or pediatric dentist doesn’t care, but because they aren’t properly trained in Phase I or II diagnosis.