Explore our orthodontics courses for dentists.

It is undeniable that dentists just adore the Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontics course. There are orthodontics courses advertised in dental advertisements all of the time, but there is no course designed like the basic orthodontics course for general dentists. This is one of the top reasons that the general dentist orthodontic course by Dr. Brad Williams is constantly sold out and requested among dentists. When you take an orthodontic course with the Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars, you walk away much more than a little bit of knowledge – you gain a new support system and family.

There are so many things to love about all of the seminars presented by Dr. Williams and his ecstatic team, but some of the most raved about include the following:

1. Hands-on Clinical Course

Listening and reading about orthodontics is necessary, but it does not train an orthodontic specialist. General dentists need hands-on training to understand how to place brackets and wires and learn from clinical instruction before going back home and treating patients.

The Basic Straight Wire Course does just this: it teaches dentists through both didactic and hands-on workshops so dentists can apply the information learned. The general dentist orthodontic course does not just end after a single weekend, with dentists expected to be proficient at treating all cases. The course is run like a mini-residency course because it spans several months so dentists can see cases from start to finish and become confident providers.

2. Virtual Track Offered

For dentists who cannot get away from their practices or home life, there is no need to worry. Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars offers the Basic Straight Wire course virtually for dentists who want to get the education, but need to do so from their home desk or office.

The virtual track offers so many perks aside from lecturing and instruction. It gives continuing education (CE) credits, a hands-on workshop, and a support system for questions and answers from live instructors. Dentists get the benefits of a live course from home!

3. Treating and Presenting Cases

When you can present cases and understand all of a clinical case, you can efficiently treat the case. Orthodontics is not just about placing brackets and wires; it is about understanding proper occlusion and how it relates to cosmetics and a harmonious bite.

The Basic Straight Wire course teaches dentists to perform orthodontic cases, but also to teach their clinical cases in front of their colleagues. This unique opportunity gives dentists the chance to discuss and brainstorm challenges with other dentists who have the same background and goals.

4. Appropriate Cases to Treat

Dr. Williams never claims you’ll treat all orthodontic cases and is transparent about the course contents and what you’ll gain from the experience. When you sign up for the Basic Straight Wire course, it is like a mini-residency program that will teach you how to diagnose, take records, place brackets and wires, and understand retention.

The Basic Straight Wire course is designed for dentists who don’t have any experience with orthodontics. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to treat Class I and II malocclusions using the straight wire system, elastics, and more. Yet, it is not expected you should be treating all challenging orthodontic cases. For more difficult cases involving impacted teeth, implants, or Class III malocclusion, the course teaches you when to refer out. However, if you decide to continue to pursue your orthodontic education with Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars, you can take more advanced courses to treat some of these more challenging cases.

5. Dentists love Dr. Williams!

Dr. Brad Williams does not teach general dentist orthodontics because he needs to, but because he truly loves the field. He has over 30 years of dedicated experience practicing and teaching general dentist orthodontics to dentists just like him, who have a passion for learning and helping patients overcome orthodontic issues.

Dentists who take Dr. Williams’ courses continue to be a part of the Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars family because they understand the drive he has for advanced education and promoting orthodontic education to others. It is instructors like this who motivate other dentists to continue their drive to learn and teach others.

For dentists and pediatric dentists wanting to expand their services, orthodontics is definitely the field to consider pursuing. When you take a general dentist orthodontic course, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded colleagues and gain the knowledge needed to treat your patients. Plus, the networking and support system is unparalleled compared to other CE courses. There is no doubt as to why the Basic Comprehensive Straight Wire Orthodontic course has been around for so many years … because it continues to be successful!