Choosing Between Different Orthodontic Continuing Education Courses

Dental practice success is highly dependent upon taking advanced continuing education courses that you can incorporate into your office. Orthodontic courses for general dentists are educational, but also practical because dentists should understand the foundations of orthodontics. However, once a course is completed, many dentists find themselves left with questions and unsure of how to proceed with incorporating orthodontics into their practices. One of the main reasons for this is that most courses have a narrow focus. What you should be looking for is a course that offers professional support throughout your workshop and long after.

Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars sets themselves apart from other orthodontic courses because Dr. Brad Williams and his team’s support does not when the course is over. When you join these specialized orthodontic certificate courses, you gain a network of support clinically and administratively. When you are choosing between orthodontic courses, make sure to take a good look at what each one offers to guarantee you are getting the support you need to succeed.

What should you be looking for when choosing an orthodontic course? Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars delivers a phenomenal didactic and clinical portion of training, but this alone is not why hundreds of dentists are signing up for this orthodontic course.

Professional Networking

Where else can you gain the knowledge and confidence to treat orthodontics than when surrounded by like-minded colleagues? Dentists that choose Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars understand they offer orthodontic courses for general dentists that are unlike any other program. It is not just because they teach the basics of orthodontics; we know that nearly any orthodontics specialist can do that.

Williams Seminars are taught by instructors that train and work in general dental and pediatric offices, so they understand the gains, the challenges, and the effort it takes to build a successful orthodontic career. When you take a course, you have access to instructors during and after your course so that you gain the proficiency you need to succeed.

Case Selection Assistance

Let’s face it. Solo-owned dental practitioners can feel pretty lonely at times, especially when there is no one to connect with or even reminisce with over patient cases. Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars is a series of courses that run consecutively over the course of many months. Courses like the Premier Straight Wire Orthodontic Clinical Course is unlike any other orthodontic course because it extends nearly a year over 6 sessions. Throughout these sessions, you gain assistance with live patient and hands-on workshops so you can get practical experience and feel confident when you return to your practice.

It is one of the only courses offered that allows dentists to learn through didactics and hands-on workshops, and then go back to their practices to apply the knowledge, and come back together to continue to learn. Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars truly is continuing education because the instructors understand that learning takes place over time and is not limited to a short weekend.

A Team of Resources

When you sign up for a professional orthodontic course, you gain access to its numerous resources like IT support, human resources, and legal team. This is because they understand that offering orthodontics requires preparation and organization behind the scenes before patient care can begin.

Once you complete your orthodontic certificate courses, there are important steps to take before beginning treatment for your patients. Some things to consider before starting orthodontics for patients includes:

  • What equipment do you need to properly take records and diagnose cases?
  • Are you purchasing the best equipment at the right prices?
  • Is there an orthodontic contract that is needed prior to a patient beginning treatment?
  • What do you do if a patient changes their mind about treatment after signing a treatment plan?
  • How do you set up a payment plan for orthodontics?
  • Is there a resource to help you understand the insurance aspect of orthodontics?
  • Does your team understand how to schedule orthodontic patients?

It is likely you need a solid answer to most, if not all, of the questions listed above. One of the biggest challenges of being a solo dental owner is learning how to answer these questions when you don’t have a colleague next door to ask. Fortunately, Dr. Williams’ orthodontic courses come with a dedicated team full of answers and resources so you can have peace of mind.

A certificate and guidance

How many times have you taken a continuing education course, gained the credits and certificate of completion, and never heard from the instructor again? It happens all the time and while it’s satisfying to complete a course, sometimes dentists want more feedback and guidance afterwards. This is one of the top reasons Dr. Williams designed his orthodontic courses—to guide dentists on how to successfully incorporate orthodontics into their practices.

Most orthodontic courses will teach you the foundations of orthodontics and how to straighten teeth, but many dentists need much more than just the technical skills. It takes a lot of preparation and understanding how to master a dental specialty to build a successful dental practice. Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars take place over the course of several sessions so dental colleagues can come back with actual patient cases and questions instead of just using textbook cases.

The most common feedback dentists give after taking a course with Dr. Williams is that they gained so much orthodontic knowledge, but also the commodity and support system is unmatched. A support network with such a challenging field should be a necessity to help dentists build a trustworthy and high-quality orthodontic practice.

Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars

Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars offers orthodontic courses with over 6 sessions in nearly a year’s time. Reach out today to learn more about course options and how to sign up.