Don’t settle for an orthodontics course that doesn’t give you the skills you need.

Today, there are continuing education courses for nearly any dental interest, yet courses vary greatly in their quality and usefulness. If you are looking to pursue orthodontic training, you need a general dentist orthodontic course that helps dentists understand the fundamentals of the field, but also a course designed specifically for dentists who want to implement it into their practice.

Many courses can offer an eight-hour or weekend course that gives you some quick facts or interesting case studies, but for dentists wanting to alter their career paths, you need one that offers comprehensive orthodontic education and training.

There are a multitude of reasons dentists need comprehensive orthodontic training, whether or not they want to offer it to patients. Orthodontics is in high demand for cosmetics, but it is also necessary for patients with jaw discrepancies and who suffer unknowingly from a bite problem.

Can you confidently treat a Class II malocclusion case with only a single day or two from ortho continuing education (CE)? Probably not. This is why courses offered by Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars understand the nuances of what makes a high-quality comprehensive orthodontic CE for general dentists.

Why should you consider taking hands on orthodontic courses with Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars?

You need the CE.

Dentists may enjoy taking CE courses, but it is also a necessity to maintain state licensure. When you sign up for a comprehensive orthodontic course with Dr. Brad Williams, you don’t just gain a few CE credits; instead, you earn dozens of credits while:

  • Attending a six-session course, each consisting of 1.5 days of hands-on exercises.
  • Attending an entire half day devoted to reviewing live patient cases.
  • Networking with other like-minded dentists.
  • Watching videos and getting comprehensive didactic lectures.

Getting CE credits should mean something more than just a number on paper. When you study GP orthodontics, you are gaining tangible clinical skills to turn into profit for your practice.

Only comprehensive training will make you great.

There is a reason dentists go to school for four or more years. It is because it takes years of training and education to be competent in a highly skilled field like dentistry. In order to truly understand orthodontics and be able to practice confidently, Dr. Williams and his dedicated team are here to train dentists in orthodontics and get their skills to where they need to be to treat patients.

A comprehensive course means that you have the ability to diagnose, take records, treat, and use retention appliances to successfully treat malocclusions. With Dr. Williams’ basic training course, you’ll be able to treat 70% to 80% of Class I and Class II malocclusions. If you are thirsty for more education, we don’t stop there.

Dr. Williams’ courses extend into the intermediate and advanced levels for dentists looking to devote their time to learn more challenging cases and strategies like implant cases, TADS, and surgical orthodontics.

The more you learn, the more confident a provider you’ll be, and there will be no question you can treat all of your patients’ orthodontic needs in your practice. Like any skill, it takes time and practice to become great. Taking a comprehensive course is necessary for general dentists looking to become successful in their field.

Go the extra mile and offer your team training.

Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars are not just for dentists. When you decide that you want to become a general dentist orthodontic practice, you need your team on board to successfully implement orthodontics. While you are the team leader, without motivated employees, it will be much more difficult to have patients accept treatment plans or your team answer questions if they are not trained and versed in orthodontics.

Dr. Williams courses for hygienists, assistants, and front desk staff is valuable because your team is the one taking records and discussing patients’ treatment plan finances. If they are not educated in orthodontics, it reduces your reputation and credibility as a quality dental provider. Consider signing your team up for the training and management course so that your office will be fully prepared for all types of cases and questions.

Multi-specialty dentists are in high demand.

Patients are always looking for quality and convenience. Understanding orthodontics is key to offering multi-specialty dental treatment and keeping orthodontics under one roof. When a dentist provides dental services like orthodontics, it builds trust in a dentist’s recommendations and eliminates the hassles of finding a specialist to provide care.

If a dentist down the block is offering a wider variety of services, there is a good chance you’re losing business. When you take a comprehensive orthodontic CE for general dentists course, it gives you more credibility and a positive reputation in the community as a dentist who expands their knowledge and treatment services.

Orthodontics is a wonderful dental service to offer, but it takes time and a financial commitment to be competent. If you are on the fence about learning orthodontics, a comprehensive orthodontic course for general dentists is your best option to get the most out of a CE course. Dr. Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars has a course to suit your skill level, so start your orthodontic journey with a knowledgeable and trusted teacher today.