Embracing Dental Practice Growth Without Losing Focus of Your Patients

As dentists, we understand that running a dental practice is more than just providing excellent oral care. It’s about building and nurturing a small business that thrives in an ever-evolving industry. Many dentists view their practice as a microcosm of entrepreneurship, and they are constantly seeking opportunities to grow and expand. If you’re a pediatric or general dentist considering the addition of orthodontics to your practice, you’re on the right path to unlocking untapped potential and embracing change for accelerated growth.

When expanding your dental practice, balancing growth and patient care is essential. Incremental change is a powerful concept involving making small, manageable adjustments over time. This approach allows for seamless integration, smooth transitions, and the ability to assess the impact of each change while minimizing disruption to your patients’ experiences.

As you incorporate orthodontics, start with a pilot program or with limited orthodontic services. This helps gauge patient interest, gather feedback, and fine-tune operations before scaling. By pushing for change in incremental steps, you can lay a strong foundation for future growth while preserving your practice’s core values and a patient-centric approach that has contributed to your success thus far.

Leverage your patients to determine the right incremental improvements.

Patient satisfaction is paramount when improving your dental practice. Capturing feedback ensures that you align your growth strategy with their needs. Utilizing tools like patient surveys, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, allows you to gauge how likely patients are to refer your practice to others and assess their overall satisfaction with the care you provide.

Additionally, simply asking for feedback during appointments, inquiring about their willingness to recommend your practice to family and friends, and evaluating their level of satisfaction enables you to gather valuable insights for continuous improvement.

But that’s not all you can do. To gain a deeper understanding of the patient journey, consider taking yourself through the following steps:

  • Call to “schedule” an appointment, assessing the simplicity of the process for both returning and new patients.
  • Observe and evaluate the experience your patients have while sitting in your reception area.
  • Measure the average wait time before patients are called back for their appointments.

By immersing yourself in the patient journey and assessing these aspects, you can identify potential areas for improvement so you can then enhance the overall patient experience in your dental practice accordingly. And by leveraging your patients’ perspectives, you can make informed decisions that prioritize their satisfaction and drive your practice toward sustained growth.

Offer orthodontics as an incremental step forward in your dental practice growth strategy.

After assessing patient satisfaction and truly understanding their experience, be sure you formulate a growth strategy that allows you to make changes in small steps. Integrating orthodontics into your dental practice as an incremental step forward can unlock several advantages for your patients and your business.

Patients will experience greater satisfaction when they can receive needed treatment from a trusted team they already know and trust. This fosters a sense of continuity and loyalty. Moreover, expanding into orthodontics opens up an opportunity for increased production by attracting a broader patient base seeking comprehensive dental care.

Further, you can keep patients within your practice for all their dental needs, establishing yourself as a trusted provider for the entire family and fostering long-term patient relationships. This approach enhances patient satisfaction, promotes continuity of care, and solidifies your practice’s reputation as a one-stop destination for quality dental services.

Keep an eye on your team.

A successful dental practice cannot exist without a great team. Communicate your vision to your team to make sure they understand and support your upcoming changes. Bringing them along for the ride is essential for the successful execution of your growth plan and the overall success of your practice. Encourage your team members to grow alongside you by challenging them to participate in continuing education courses. This enhances their skills and knowledge and reinforces their commitment to professional development.

Encourage your team to take orthodontic assistant training through programs like Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars, which can provide specialized training to your team members and strengthen their orthodontic expertise. Investing in team growth and aligning their goals with your practice objectives fosters a collaborative, motivated environment that propels your practice toward sustained growth and success.

Embrace incremental growth for a thriving dental practice.

Embracing incremental growth is the key to unlocking the full potential of your dental practice. Rather than overwhelming yourself and your team with sweeping changes, take measured steps to allow for smoother transitions. By involving your team in the growth strategy and communicating your vision effectively, you ensure their buy-in and foster a collaborative environment.

Additionally, investing in professional development courses in orthodontics, such as those offered by Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars, enhances your team’s skills and keeps them aligned with the evolving needs of your practice. Remember, building a successful dental practice is a journey that requires patience, strategic planning, and a focus on continuous improvement.