Benefits of Diode Laser Treatment for Orthodontic Patients

Like many other fields, dentistry has made significant leaps forward. One of many exciting orthodontic advancements is diode laser treatment.

Traditional orthodontic methods have worked effectively for decades. However, many techniques have become outdated thanks to advancements in technology. Diode laser treatment is a modern tool that brings impeccable value to any office.

Here are some of the key benefits of diode laser treatment for those receiving orthodontic care.

Enhanced Precision and Comfort

Unfortunately, not all patients will maintain the best oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. In these cases, gingival hyperplasia can end up making the gumline unattractive, especially once braces are off (and the full gumline is more noticeable). This is where the diode laser comes in, allowing you to sculpt the gumline and balance it back out. It is a safe, comfortable, and effective way to help clean up hard-to-reach areas to help protect against tooth decay and give patients the best outcomes.

Many conventional gum procedures are painful, and the healing period is relatively slow. Since diode laser treatment takes less time and is more precise, patients experience less discomfort and a quicker recovery. This is because you can target the problem area without affecting nearby tissue. The heat produced by the laser cauterizes and sterilizes the treatment area, so patients have less bleeding and a lower risk of infection.

Dental analgesia is another way lasers enhance patient comfort, which is particularly helpful when treating younger patients. By stabilizing the nerves, lasers lessen the pain the patient feels. You may still choose to apply a topical anesthetic, but most cases don’t require local anesthesia at all.

Easier Bracket Placement and Removal

Sometimes a patient’s tooth erupts slower than expected. In this case, diode laser treatment is useful to expose the tooth enough to place a bracket. This way you can easily access a tooth that would otherwise delay treatment or its progress.

Lasers also make removing brackets more comfortable for patients. The traditional method of removing brackets with orthodontic pliers can leave pieces of adhesive behind. Yes, you can smooth this down with a bur or possibly remove it with hand instruments, but these methods still create pressure and vibrations patients would prefer to avoid.

The laser makes the process easier for the patient by eliminating the need for excess pressure and reducing the chance of enamel damage.

Facilitation of Tooth Movement

Sometimes connective tissues prevent tooth movement during orthodontic treatment. Precision laser procedures remove small amounts of tissue, allowing teeth to move into the desired positions more quickly.

Lasers are a safe and effective way to help make room for crowded teeth. With more room, moving teeth around within the mouth becomes easier during treatment.

Minimally Invasive With Quick Recovery

Patients want the most effective and convenient treatment options. They don’t want long recovery times. Diode laser treatment is a safe option that is less invasive than procedures using drills and scalpels. Plus, using a laser instantly cauterizes and cleans the tissue, effectively minimizing bleeding and reducing inflammation.

Treatment and recovery times are minimal, and oral health experiences no adverse effects. More effective, less time-consuming treatment benefits both you and your patient.

Complementary to Traditional Orthodontics

Diode laser treatment is a great adjunct to traditional orthodontic methods for optimal results. For example, the laser can be used to place temporary anchorage devices (TADs) that stabilize orthodontic treatment.

TADs can replace traditional appliances like headgear to safely speed up movement. Combined with diode laser treatment, TADs and traditional orthodontics can give anyone a radiant smile.

Learn how diode laser treatment can enhance your practice.

Diode laser treatment is a precise, comfortable technique. Patients appreciate that there is little bleeding, minimal post-op pain, and fast healing. These factors make it a solid, patient-friendly approach that enhances orthodontic treatment outcomes.

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