How To Attract Ortho Patients to Your Practice

There is no greater feeling for a dental practice than to see growth in the number of patients and an increased production. Dentists are constantly trying to find new, innovative ways to attract patients and become a competitive “referral” from friends and family of current patients.

Orthodontics is perfect for a dental office because it is a necessary, highly beneficial treatment a general dentist can prescribe to patients he sees and knows well. Like periodontics and prosthodontics, it provides a great additional income. And with continuing education, advanced orthodontic courses, and staying up to date on the latest trends, you can establish yourself in orthodontics.

Here’s a list of ways a general or pediatric dentist who practices orthodontics can attract new orthodontic patients and grow their practice.

1. Use social media.

Social media is one of the top ways to promote your office. There are so many options—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more—to keep patients up to date on the treatment you offer. If you want to promote orthodontics, a great way to do this is to show before and after photos of real patients to encourage others to inquire about braces.

Having a straight, bright smile is about more than just cosmetics. It is a tool to help patients feel confident in the world. Information on social media about orthodontics and current office promotions is a proven way to get potential (and existing) patients interested and boost your orthodontic revenue.

2. Join a professional association.

Join a professional organization like the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) to take the latest courses and learn about new trends like TADs, lasers, and orthognathic surgery. It is also a great way to show patients you take your profession seriously and are part of a reputable organization. Patients like to see that dentists have credibility before signing on for treatment, and joining a well-known association is a simple way to establish that rapport.

3. Network with other dental professionals.

If you’re looking to build your orthodontic practice, consider networking with other like-minded dental professionals. When you network with general and pediatric dentists who have successfully incorporated orthodontics into their practices, you can take away good tips on what has worked and not worked well for them. It is also a good support system when you network with dentists because sometimes families move or are looking for an out-of-state provider for family and friends.

4. Take continuing education courses.

In order to be both competent and confident in your treatment plans, you need to have a solid background in orthodontics. Advanced orthodontic courses with Dr. Brad Williams are the best ways to learn all your fundamentals, as well as advanced orthodontic topics ranging from diagnosis to retention.

The AOS offers beginner courses, like the Basic Straight Wire course for dentists who are just getting into orthodontics, and intermediate and advanced courses for dentists looking to learn about surgery, distalization, complex appliances, and extraction cases. If you can learn about 70% of orthodontic fundamentals in the basic course, what is holding you back?

Continuing education is also available for your dental team, including the Orthodontic Assistant Training Course. When your team is experienced and can converse with patients about treatment you offer, there is a greater chance of case acceptance and further growth to your practice.

5. Get to know your community.

Take the time to go around in your community and introduce yourself to local businesses, schools, and homeowners. When your name is constantly seen and heard, you’ll notice you become the community dentist who offers orthodontics and will attract patients easily. You’ll be surprised how many people are looking to start orthodontics but just need an excellent provider to go to.

6. Offer a great patient experience.

The good news is you already have an existing patient base that knows and trusts you. When you offer a good dental experience for preventive and restorative care, it makes patients want to come back for other types of treatment like teeth whitening and orthodontics.

The most important things people look for are good communication, punctuality, and compassion. Train a team to communicate well, be on time, and provide high-end care so patients feel safe and comfortable. These simple things alone will help attract orthodontic patients because they know they are in good hands at your office.

7. Focus on quality over quantity.

Sometimes it is better to have fewer patients and be able to spend quality time providing good care rather than rushing between dozens of patients and being stretched too thin. Focus on spending time getting to know your patients, reviewing treatment plans, and answering questions so that they don’t feel rushed to make decisions. Your goal is to provide high-quality care and make patients feel like they are your most important priority. When you do this, it’s more likely that patients will refer you to family members and friends.

8. Ask your patients for referrals.

A great way to attract new patients is to ask for patient referrals. When a patient is overly satisfied with their dental visit, it is simple and cost effective to kindly request a positive review online or to refer family and friends. Establish a referral system, such as gift cards, free teeth whitening, or a small credit toward their next cosmetic treatment, as a small incentive for personal referrals.

9. Stay up to date on the best technology.

Orthodontics is a constantly evolving dental field that uses new technology and materials like advanced imaging and scanning. If you are still choosing to use older technology, patients may notice and opt to go to a more updated office.

Invest in your practice by using the most up-to-date technology, such as cone beam, to detect the positions of impacted teeth and intraoral structures. Use an intraoral scanner instead of old-fashioned alginate impressions. Sometimes patients put off dental treatment because of the fear of discomfort, so having technology that makes patients’ lives easier puts those fears to rest and helps grow your practice.

10. Enjoy what you do.

When you love your job, it just shows. Your personality and body language show you love your work environment and patients. Simply enjoying what you do is a great tool to attract orthodontic patients, and patients of all needs, to your practice. Stay passionate about your patients’ oral health and up to date on the latest orthodontic trends by taking advanced ortho courses.

If you put your patients’ needs first and consistently spread the word about your services, you’ll quickly create a successful, healthy dental practice. To learn more about upcoming ortho courses with Dr. Williams and get started, click here.