How To Maximize Your Patient Retention

It’s a well-known fact that it costs more to bring in new patients than it does to retain a patient you already have. However, patient retention is a major challenge, with the ADA saying that 6 out of every 10 new patients will never come back.

You can help the long-term growth and stability of your practice by taking a careful approach to patient retention. To do so, try these 6 strategies to help you hold on to more new patients and build long-term relationships with existing patients:

1. Update your communication methods.

Are you taking advantage of everything modern technology has to offer in terms of communication? You can streamline patient communications and keep them coming back simply by updating your methods.

For example, using email and text messages for appointment reminders can greatly improve patient retention. Patients will appreciate convenient reminders for scheduled appointments, and you can reach out when it’s time for their next prophylaxis.

2. Take advantage of streamlined scheduling and payment.

While focusing on the care you provide is vital to building a successful practice, administration is just as important. You want your scheduling and payment processes to be accurate and easy, making every step straightforward for both your patients and your team.

Today, a variety of software and applications provide excellent solutions for scheduling and payment. For example, you can let your patients schedule appointments through an app or online portal.

Current solutions also offer streamlined new-patient paperwork and integrated payments that work with insurance, financing, and other payment methods.

3. Monitor online reviews.

Like any other businesses or organizations, dental practices receive online reviews from their patients on various platforms. Google and Facebook are two of the most notable. It’s important that you monitor these platforms regularly to understand the needs of your patients.

Responding to reviews is also an important part of patient retention. You don’t want patients to feel that their comments aren’t being heard. You can claim your business on Google to provide responses to reviews. Make sure to always keep replies professional and courteous to help build the credibility of your online presence.

4. Offer a membership plan.

If you’d like to build a stronger relationship with existing customers, consider offering a membership plan. These plans generally include evaluations and cleanings every six months, and many practices also include a discount on restorative and cosmetic treatments. Membership plans offer both affordability and convenience for your patients.

Signing up for a membership plan makes your patients more likely to commit to routine appointments every six months. Patients tend to visit less frequently than recommended, but it helps them make a firm commitment while also saving on their dental care costs.

5. Add more treatment options.

The latest trend in family and pediatric dentistry is providing as many care options as possible under one roof. Families prefer dentists who offer comprehensive care. It means less running around for patients and the opportunity for children to receive orthodontic treatment from a dentist they already trust.

This is why orthodontics is one of the best areas to focus on when adding more treatment options to your practice. Families will be more likely to stay with you as you provide orthodontic care during their children’s development.

By providing orthodontic treatments at your practice, you can better care for patients and introduce a new revenue stream instead of referring out orthodontic cases.

6. Make your office more welcoming.

Quality care always comes first, but the state of your office could be a major factor in patient retention. You can make your office more welcoming with a comfortable reception room and attractive decorations, as well as by ensuring that everything is consistently clean and tidy.

How you and your team interact with patients is another important element of maintaining a welcoming office. Make sure that you’re always professional and friendly. Take the time to hear your patients so that they feel comfortable sharing their concerns.

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