Let’s face it, dentists are in a club all their own.

Dentistry is a wonderful blend of both artistic design and science. Many dentists admit that they entered the field because of their passion for both art and science so that they can create masterpieces through restorative dental arts, but also work in healthcare. It is a career in which cosmetic dental professionals and orthodontists can transform smiles through veneers, dental implants, and dental prosthetics, while also restoring a person’s oral health.

Many general and pediatric dental professionals choose to invest time into furthering their careers by learning about orthodontics so they can create straight, healthy smiles. The Basic Straight Wire course is a useful tool for those in the dental industry who are trying to expand their knowledge and have a greater understanding of the foundation of orthodontics. Here are 10 things that every dentist will be nodding in agreement with.

1. Dentists care about the overall health of a person, not just the oral cavity.

While most people think a dentist only looks at their teeth, dental professionals understand the field revolves around the entire body. Dentistry is 100% linked to a person’s medical health and studies show how systemic health conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer can affect the mouth.

2. They are team players.

A dental office is nothing without a dedicated and motivated team. Dental professionals may lead the pack, but they are completely dependent on their team for support and growth. Patients often spend more time with team members like hygienists and assistants than the actual dentist, so it is imperative to have a good support system to build a successful practice.

3. They love spending time outside the office to decompress.

Between patient care and administrative duties, we often spend more time in the office than we want to. So, when we’re not at work, dentists love to relax by spending time doing decompressing hobbies like art, journaling, team sport, or yoga. Most dental professionals will agree they don’t take enough time off because they’re so attached to their offices and worry about their patients and business growth. But, when they do take off, they go all out by traveling or spending time with their family and friends.

4. They learn to be business owners.

There are usually few or no business classes offered in dental school that teach you how to be a dental owner. Instead, most dentists learn on the job and have to become both healthcare practitioners and business owners simultaneously. Some professionals will take business courses or hire a consultant to help their practices grow, but usually it just takes years of experience to become a confident dental owner.

5. They are community helpers.

Dentists give back to the community, whether it is through volunteering in a dental school or teaching elementary students about the importance of good oral health. Many professionals dedicate their free time to mission work both locally and globally to deliver oral healthcare to those who have less access to care.

Dental groups like OperationSmile or VolunteerWorld are well known groups that host international dental mission trips to developing countries. Dentists get involved throughout their careers to make a difference and often donate much of their own time and resources to aid these communities.

6. They thrive on advanced technology.

One of the greatest aspects of the dental industry is the constant evolution of dental materials, techniques, and technology. Whether a dentist is working with CAD/CAM technology or dental implants, there is no shortage of advanced dentistry to motivate a dental professionl. Each year, professionals take continuing education courses, both online and in-person, to learn about the updates in dentistry. Courses like Williams GP Orthodontic Seminars are useful for those looking to incorporate advanced orthodontics and create a lucrative, passive income in their practices.

7. They love to shape the oral healthcare of patients.

Dentistry is rewarding in many ways, but one of the greatest feelings is transforming someone’s life by delivering a new smile. Whether you are treating a patient with a dental prosthetic, orthodontics, or oral surgery, you can help someone feel confident and comfortable enough to smile, laugh, and speak freely again.

It is a humbling feeling to relieve someone’s pain or educate them on the importance of good oral care habits. Many people are simply unaware of how to help themselves, and when you give them that knowledge, you give them a chance of a lifetime of healthy smiles.

8. They are educators.

In addition to performing dentistry, professionals have an obligation and love for educating others on the importance of oral health. They are constantly trying to spread the word of how important routine visits and daily oral hygiene like brushing and flossing are, and how early detection can prevent problems like gum disease or oral cancer.

9. They invest a lot into their careers.

Between the years of advanced education and the cost of dental school and opening a practice, dentists invest much of their lives into their careers. It takes nearly a decade to become a dentist, and the average cost of opening a dental practice tips half a million dollars. Why would anyone choose these challenges?  Most professionals sincerely love their careers and have a calling to transform smiles in various ways.

10. They love their patients.

It is an honor for dentists to treat patients for many decades and sometimes even treat future generations of families. Watching a child grow up or seeing a family grow is a wonderful feeling in dentistry and is considered a privilege by professionals. Most dentists see their patients more than any other healthcare practitioner, so many times patients often feel like family—and that is an incredibly fulfilling thing.